🤦🏾‍♂️ Eric, Eric , Eric…and Lecia, 🙋🏾‍♂️my stay woke sista of the resistance If I may, and I will, have to intervene here. Mr. Pone I see your frustation once again here and I know where it comes from. This idea however that to some lesser degree most or some of us have caused this upon ourselves is absurd due to some negative aspects of the acculturation process. And if you think the odds and or the mindset is better coming from new immigrants — who have not been acculturated or historically oppressed and marginalized by the persistence of whiteness and its legacies, such that they have not faced the same anxiety and angst of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then you are sadly mistaken.

Owning your own (black businesses or curating thriving affluent black neighborhoods) albeit noble and black-culture worthy, does not solve the problem of institutional bias and callousness — racism. In fact, what you are suggesting in approach perpetuates segregation and further the ideologies of racism. That is not freedom. Some have been successful and even have gone on to become wealthy from this mindset but they still face racism. That is not freedom. Racism doesn’t vanish because you created wealth from within the black community.

You are not bigger, nor can you overcome, nor can you outwit the institution and its framing or reframing of the laws and customs of American society with that approach alone.

What you can do as a supplement is change it — protest it, expose it and hold it accountable for its depravities. That essentially gives Black entrepreneurs (presumably yourself and I) a leg up or a way in to facilitate that change — carve out similar paths towards shared destinies and compete for economic empowerment. This is an instance of interdependence. Being divisive negates the existence of that very same quality.

We are not masochists in toleration of the types of abuse seen and felt as Blacks by white supremacy.

We are not conceding to indifference or hopelessness at the foot of white supremacy.

And we surely not sitting around just complaining about white supremacy.

We are not looking for, or begging for special handouts or special privileges.

What we are seeking is equal access and opportunities into a system that has been rigged, but has also been propped up by our ingenuity, hard works and persistence so that we too can share in rising to the occasion.

That said we are seeking damages for harms done.

We are seeking accountability for such crimes of discrimination, prejudice, and bias that disable, handicap, or debilitate our lives, our liberty and disruption of the pursuit of happiness.

This happens through fair representation and treatment in the legislature, the judiciary, and in the administration of a democratic body of institutions.

This happens with a concerted effort to resist motivated ignorance, not compete with it.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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