№12 — Things A Dictator (or A Stupid Person) Would Do And Say

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So am I to believe that the greatest military on earth will be used as a deterrent force along with U.S. Border Patrol to defend against unarmed groups of asylum seekers? Are we seriously going along with this as a sociopolitical strategy instead of employing aspects of humanitarianism to this situation?

Vanda Felbab-Brown, senior fellow in foreign policy at the Brookings Institution and author of a report on the real cost of Trump’s wall, calls the idea of a physical barrier stopping drugs a “permanent illusion.”

“It’s selling snake oil,” she said. “No physical structures have ever stopped drugs in US or elsewhere.”— Washington Post

A physical wall would not make drug trafficking impervious to the United States and its black market that serves the addicted, and employs its enablers. Heck, there are enablers that are not even on the payroll, but directly or indirectly collude to popularize its zeal and perpetuate the addiction.

The level of crime and violence that the drug trade encourages as well as incentivizes is phenomenal, so a wall bordering Mexico cannot possibly begin to solve this dilemma, nor would calling for the death penalty of drug dealers stem the pervasiveness of illicit drug activities.

The efficacy of these tried and true forms of deterrence is inconsequential to the demand which proliferates a variety of channels to supply.

While Trump’s stance on the issue— dare I say — exhibits some small fleeting semblance of a redeeming quality, his authoritarian and less than thoughtful approach is too steeped in his own egotistical lunacy to have any positive effect, let alone take seriously.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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