№13 — Things A Dictator (or a Stupid Person) Would Do And Say

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As narcissistic as this incoherent statement sounds, there is this shared belief that Donald Trump has earned the acclaim and the praises that he insistently lavishes upon himself for these welcomed and loosely attributed unprecedented talks between the North and South Koreas.

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What many however fail to recognize is the error in reasoning, not in its veracity. The framing of the argument is essentially soliciting an answer to a true or false statement. The difference is the failure to observe previously established events or conditions leading up to or culminating to ignite or trigger the eventuality of the talks in question.

By the way high level talks between the two nations seem to occur with some regularity.

This however does not absolve nor eliminate the possibility that these talks in particular were all for naught. Time will tell if follow through on these talks are worthy of the merit that so many Trumpists — as well as Trump so desperately demands and wants to receive.

What is also plausibly noteworthy of Donald Trump is how the mad man theory can be applied here as well. If Asian leaders in the region believe that Trump is irrational and volatile enough to issue a nuclear strike then it could also be said to have added additional oomph providing for the much needed impetus for such talks to convene, if at all in earnest.

However, that the threat of egregious military confrontation that could risk the lives of countless human beings — now and in the future would warrant the title of genius exemplar attached to Donald Trump’s name is not only absurdly ludicrous, but sanctimoniously dangerous and belligerent. Innocent human lives should never be seen as that expendable to prove one’s mettle.

The motivating-ly ignorant among us, of whom would like to be so right in something gone horribly wrong, always fails to recognize the consequences of their actions and of their insensitive beliefs.

A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses. — Carlo Cipolla, The Third (And Golden) Basic Law, The Basic Laws Of Human Stupidity

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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