№6 - Things A Dictator Would Do And Say

From Things Only A Dictator Would Do And Say Series#6

Donald Trump’s first visit as president to Japan was interesting to say the least. Mr. Trump’s speech during the joint press conference with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was not only awkward but oafish at times, like in this trimmed clip of CNN’s coverage.

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The Washington Post summarily highlighted this and added how patronizing the president was towards the prime minister.

“The Japanese people are thriving, your cities are vibrant, and you’ve built one of the world’s most powerful economies,” Trump said, before looking up from his prepared remarks. Turning his head to face Abe next to him, Trump ad-libbed: “I don’t know if it’s as good as ours. I think not, okay?” He emphasized the “okay” by drawing it out leadingly as a parent might with a child.

“And we’re going to try to keep it that way,” Trump added, for good measure. “But you’ll be second.”

Abe, listening to an interpreter through an earpiece, smiled and remained silent. But his face betrayed a touch of uncertainty as the U.S. leader returned to his script. After the Japanese government had rolled out the red carpet for Trump and his family for two days, the patron was being patronized. It is becoming a familiar theme for Abe.

To think there might be three more years of this.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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