№8 — Things A Dictator Would Do And Say

From Things Only A Dictator Would Do And Say Series#8

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Mr. Trump’s narcissistic injury triggered

This is one of many negative feedback loops that we seem to have been plunked or into, which actually diminishes the efficacy of the presidency. As President of the United States there has got to be more pressing matters to which Mr. Trump should be presiding over. There should never be a time where the president is simply bored with all that is on the presidential plate, only to find the time to cultivate or tend to his narcissistic supply with hostile posturing.

This ravenous and unquenchable need for adulation Mr. Trump craves is nonsensical at times and it is broadly viewed in my opinion as matter-of-factly by the media and our government. This perplexes me because there is a malignancy about this behavior that is in no uncertain terms consequential. And who better to substantiate my concerns about this narcissistic supply than Sam Vaknin, an Israeli author diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)who has gone on to write prolifically about the delusion of grandeur and this confabulation of the false self.

President Trump’s narcissistic supply, with various acts of collusion has provided him the counterfeit social currency needed to appear rich, provoking the attention he craves while wresting away the political power he seeks. This co-dependency on display is psychologically debilitating to me. Any matter of consequence, large or small, severe or minor in degree is now centered on Mr. Trump’s world view — of himself.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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