This essay is sharp and stimulating. This is exactly how truth reads and feels. George Will and the like have mastered the art of sophism such that incredulously and deservingly we should start handing out awards that recognize their high degree of immorality out to them periodically.

One of several noteworthy statements you have made has me wondering how and why we should accept census categorizations that simply substanitiate or justify white supremacy. And why we should continue to accept and not question their de facto categorization of themselves in the world.

I only hope that these minority pawns consider deprecating whiteness instead of appeasing or aligning themselves with their aberrant ideology of racializations which leads to their own dehumanization.

White supremacy's claim on the world is so fraudulent that it has become a necessary chore to be cognizant to their scam at all times.

Or being lucky to be white

Allow me to point out or call out — because we must, one of those “false narratives” that culminates quite well into discrimination and thus racism.

Our society not only insists but indefatigably indoctinates us and the world into believing in the false and easily discredited notion of meritocracy. …

The Meritocracy of Race

Allow me to point out or call out-because we must, one of those "false narratives" that culminates quite well into discrimination and thus racism.

Our society not only insists but indefatigably indoctinates us and the world into believing in the false and easily discredited notion of…

This is how you have a civil, frank and open discussion about a very contentious and sensitive topic that affects all humans.

I agree with you that racism is complex and difficult to grasp, but it is a condition that one can easily adapt to. …

What do you mean when you say “we”?

When Rick Santorum an the like diminishes the existence and role of Native Americans through systemic erasure and racism it boggles the mind how this could be acceptable or even sensible.

Now that CNN has “cancelled” him according to his sympathizers and…

Senate Trial For the Impeachment of Donald Trump

This Republican Senate cabal would like their future party president to succeed with their racialized conquest the next time around rather than to see equality, justice and democracy triumph and prevail. Even if it nearly cost them their lives during the insurrection on January 6, it nonsensically is worth preserving…

Do not for a second forget or mistake who we are dealing with

There is more to being the bigger person here and this would not be doing the right thing.

The people that you are reaching out to are not worthy of this. Those people not only didn’t care to reach out across the aisle when they held power. They sought to suppress and marginalize the other side. They only wanted to delegitimize that side’s contributions and stake in this…

You don’t have to see it to believe it

It has come to define his presidency. His administration reeks of it. His core support relies on it as if it were medication prescribed for all the pent up resentment, racism, and sexism imbued. This core support essentially puts white supremacy back on the imperial map. …

Your dedicated Hype-Man or Hype-Woman is just gassing you up

You’ve got to admit it, some, if not most, are easily gassed by cheap talk, hyperbole, and plain nonsense. When repetition is added to that noxious verbosity it becomes this hardwired insensitive belief that warrants nothing more than the affirmative such as “YEAH!”🙌🏻

Take for instance the term “Defund The…

Then it must stem from Trump being seen as solving the problem of pent up resentment towards BLM, diversity, inclusion, political correctness, and equality for a certain group of people

Donald Trump attends a White House roundtable event in early July.SAM CORUM/THE NEW YORK TIMES/BLOOMBERG VIA GETTY IMAGES

The administration seeks to primarily serve anglo or evangelical interests that enable institutional callousness to counter minority inclusion. They want to maintain an exclusive hand in the social order of American life. With bigotry and bias in tow Trump provides cover for right wing ideologies and racializations that corrupt democracy…


It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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