Do not for a second forget or mistake who we are dealing with

There is more to being the bigger person here and this would not be doing the right thing.

The people that you are reaching out to are not worthy of this. Those people not only didn’t care to reach out across the aisle when they held power. They sought to suppress and marginalize the other side. They only wanted to delegitimize that side’s contributions and stake in this country. They balked at the diversity of women and or people of color across that aisle and they even questioned their identity and patriotism that the constitution afforded them.

No one is immune from the consequences for their actions.

Reaching out to the other side sends a reckless and dangerous message or precedent in narcissism to everyone as it only seeks to pacify unsubstantiated grievances or give credence to what could only be described as unremarkable irrationality. They are not to be treated as children, even though they act like undisciplined, uninformed and underdeveloped ones. I don’t need to remind you about the rallies and how they ridiculed those on the other side of them. They made up awful things about them and only sought to demonize. They attacked and threatened those on the other side of them over the most inane and senseless of reasons — racism. They never cared about the things that have and could continue to bring a nation together. …



It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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