Do not for a second forget or mistake who we are dealing with

There is more to being the bigger person here and this would not be doing the right thing.

The people that you are reaching out to are not worthy of this. Those people not only didn’t care to reach out across the aisle when they held power. They sought to suppress and marginalize the other side. They only wanted to delegitimize that side’s contributions and stake in this country. They balked at the diversity of women and or people of color across that aisle and they even questioned their identity and patriotism that the constitution afforded them.

No one is immune from the consequences for their actions.

Reaching out to the other side sends a reckless and dangerous message or precedent in narcissism to everyone as it only seeks to pacify unsubstantiated grievances or give credence to what could only be described as unremarkable irrationality. They are not to be treated as children, even though they act like undisciplined, uninformed and underdeveloped ones. I don’t need to remind you about the rallies and how they ridiculed those on the other side of them. They made up awful things about them and only sought to demonize. They attacked and threatened those on the other side of them over the most inane and senseless of reasons — racism. They never cared about the things that have and could continue to bring a nation together. …

You don’t have to see it to believe it

It has come to define his presidency. His administration reeks of it. His core support relies on it as if it were medication prescribed for all the pent up resentment, racism, and sexism imbued. This core support essentially puts white supremacy back on the imperial map. For his peripheral support however there is opportunity where one has only to give up their common sense, forgo any morals and ethics left, and simply offer up their soul.

Under this administration there is more opportunity for looting, as well as more opportunity for shooting. But the biggest opportunity exposed of them all has got to be the opportunity for tyranny in what the constitution bills as a democracy. And when tyranny is seen as leadership, judicial perversion and constitutional corruption is always assured to follow. There is also well documented and observed economic opportunity to skew markets as Wall Street exploits and goes against conventional wisdom when it comes to pricing and sentiment. …

Your dedicated Hype-Man or Hype-Woman is just gassing you up

You’ve got to admit it, some, if not most, are easily gassed by cheap talk, hyperbole, and plain nonsense. When repetition is added to that noxious verbosity it becomes this hardwired insensitive belief that warrants nothing more than the affirmative such as “YEAH!”🙌🏻

Take for instance the term “Defund The Police!” followed by Yeah! 🙌🏻

Nah! 🤨 🤦🏻‍♀️

Defund the police is all hype. It is phrasing used and taken in without much context and when seen or spoken without much context is just an overstatment or exaggeration. …

Then it must stem from Trump being seen as solving the problem of pent up resentment towards BLM, diversity, inclusion, political correctness, and equality for a certain group of people

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Donald Trump attends a White House roundtable event in early July.SAM CORUM/THE NEW YORK TIMES/BLOOMBERG VIA GETTY IMAGES

The administration seeks to primarily serve anglo or evangelical interests that enable institutional callousness to counter minority inclusion. They want to maintain an exclusive hand in the social order of American life. With bigotry and bias in tow Trump provides cover for right wing ideologies and racializations that corrupt democracy and enable white privilege with consequent entitlement. The discrimination and prejudice that follows continues to thrive both covertly and blatantly in many aspects of our society. It reminds everyone that America actually belongs to a certain class with no regard to socioeconomic status or birthright status.

This largely explains the how and why Trump’s incompetence and behavior is overlooked or is repeatedly pardoned for marked racism and general malfeasance in office. That the threat of inclusion could spark this level of mass hysteria is not unfounded but is delusional in its rationale when interpreted as seeing fellow Americans as political opponents or racialized immortal enemies. …

All Lives Matter is a tangential semblance of an implied or an inferred maintenance of the status quo

All Lives Matter is true only if Black Lives Matter

What constitutes the conjecture of ‘all lives’ is the default, unhyphenated status of the identitarian and the whiteness that informs it. It coincidentally is exalted only as an imposition to Black lives mattering in the face of police brutality, institutional callousness, and the pervasive racism or discrimination as a norm both in varying degree and scope that is interwoven into the fabric of our societal lives.

Earlier this month, hundreds took to the streets to stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter in Poland. On the same day, Tokyo protesters marched and carried signs that read “Stop racism in Japan!” and “Black Lives Matter.” In Bogota, Colombia, local protesters burned an American flag and also called attention to police brutality and racism within its own borders, including the death of Anderson Arboleda, who was killed by Colombian police for violating quarantine. From London to South Africa, thousands are taking a stand in solidarity with African Americans in the fight against police brutality. …

Once again it is not a game

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The games being played with the lives and souls of this nation has got to stop. Stop playing games with the psychological welfare of our citizenry. Stop playing games with the inalienable rights of our existence. Stop pitting us against each other to distract or to benefit from the disunity and discord. There has never been nor can there ever be anything of good value, principle or ethic to come from it.

Trump’s epochal reign as commander-in-chief reveals a magnification of the country’s bigotry

In order to sustain this noxious racialized predominance in communities across the United States, it apparently has to be thoroughly and vicariously maintained at the top as well as through various institutions. The performative dissemblance and mendacity to truth with moral conviction provides ample cover, time and persistence to an ideology ripe with iniquitous intent.

A racist demagogue serving them and only them as president of the United States is a conscionable stance taken to assert the social dominance orientation of privilege, entitlement, and power to constrain and limit the inalienable rights of others who do not placate, pander, nor indulge this collective’s vanity and insanity in whiteness. …

A claustrophobic take on living with racializations

If you haven’t read this insightful piece you should by Kelley Jhung titled “I’m the Angry Brown Woman Who Called the Cops On My White Neighbor”

In my comments I applauded Jhung for her sensible call to the police in an effort or task seen appropriate in safeguarding the health, rights, and freedoms of herself and her community. But within it was an all too familiar angst and anxiety about living in white open spaces that is not talked about much.

Many of us Brown and Black folk do have anxieties about living in majorly white spaces. This is disappointing because it sort of self deprives us of our own freedom of expression and pursuit of happiness in these settings. It obliges us to being overly concerned about what white people think or feel when they see us in these spaces. We know by their own authoritative stances, actions, gazes that when they see us their sensibilities are informed and based on their racialized politics, behaviors and attitudes towards us. …

Trump’s ascendancy to the White House has only made him the ultimate reality tv host, star and producer, not role model and certainly not president.

I regrettably admit to inadvertently contributing to this side show, placed front and center, that inundates us with 24–7 exposure to this remarkable buffoonery and Machiavellian peddling of influence hastening our social decline.

Exhibit A.

Yeah, Do It! Do It.

Democracy requires that its electorate participate and utilize the expression of ideas, thoughts, and progress to continuously pollinate or seed the freedoms that blossom as inalienable rights. Our political climate has no doubt impacted our democratic seasons with a veritable drought and or frost in decorum, empiricism, truth and interdependence. …

That’s just sick reasoning!

Some of these articles on remedies that address white fragility and the white fog surrounding it is stand-up comedy worthy.

While they tacitly acknowledge the mere existence of racism, the information gleaned from it all seems to suggest that they just happen to be stricken with something that is akin to an autoimmune disease and the only way to deal with it is to treat various symptoms, but not the whole patient and its infected population in one fell swoop because the cure is unapproved by federal and state guidelines.

Well then whiteness is also one of those tolerable diseases because it is deemed credible as a socially constructed concept in the sense that it is naturally occurring or inherent by biological design. As most of the intelligentsia as tried to unconvincingly explain as just inherent cognitive bias. This cognitive bias, by wayward extension, that we are all supposed to have been born with can be seen as both good and bad, like our very own immune systems. …



It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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