A Political Response Is Never A Good Response to Crises

The political response has always proven to be a cynical way of leadership especially when managing crises. The folly from political responses always exacerbate the inevitable. Deficits in communication is always preceded by a lack of awareness, and what becomes evident is the absurdity of intolerance to the known vagaries and hazards of life that can and have routinely disrupted economies, induce fear-mongering, and decreased public safety. A deliberative approach and an empathetic discernment to crises from a cooperative and collaborative standpoint cannot be overstated.

When can we expect a proper humanitarian response from our government on Covid-19?

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So far we continue to experience incompetence in the form of narcissism, impulsivity, conspiracy-making, inattentiveness, tone-deafness, institutional callousness, and negligence with our very own government. The complicity of the narcissitic supply and also of those craving to gain power towards this ineptitude is rooted in the motivated ignorance ensconced in the constructs of social dominance orientation orchestrated by this administration with its identitarian complex as exhibited in the “Make America Great Again” manifesto. It is precisely why that in every political response uttered it is conveyed as “their struggle” with apparently diversity, equality and inclusion that makes their management seem awkward and seen as cumbersome because others want to see their anointed leader fail.

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Why would we want someone who holds our fate and destiny in their hands to fail? If you are stuck with a seemingly obtuse surgeon that you find not affable, would you want to see him or her fail at performing a procedure on you or anyone else? An obsequious attitude towards let’s say our surgeons will not guarantee the best results, nor is it necessary even for a prudent surgeon to receive such fawning to perform her or his best for all their patients...at least not a decent surgeon anyway.

The reality of life is that there will inevitably be some calamitous human phenomena occurring at the most inopportune of times that require prudence and attributes of persistence — leadership on behalf of and to our humanity. In times of panic, what we need in terms of guidance and assurance is a reminder to ourselves about the human spirit — what is embedded in our nature which is the need to rely on our cooperative and collaborative efforts to inform our adaptability, especially when certain controls warrant change in order to mitigate and contain crises.

When the order of the day coming from this administration is characterized by political rhetoric of the zero-sum achievement and score kind, the leadership is going to be addled by an insensitivity, an impulsivity, and an entrenched political sychophancy that goes agaisnt better judgment. This mindest is besiged by the social dominance orientation which compromises our interdependence — that immeasurable extent which inspires and motivates us all in ways that link us as inhabitants of earth inherently. If we continue to negate and therefore sever those links we will find ourselves in this downward spiral of socioeconomic damage and despair.

You should already know this.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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