An American Potpourri Of Pseudo-Profound Bullshit Vol. 1, No.1

While on CNN former senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum made some bullshit comment that seem to have profoundly stunned everyone in the newsroom. No one seemed prepared for the profoundness of Santorum’s bullshit here.

“How about kids, instead of looking to someone else to solve their problem, do something about maybe taking CPR classes or trying to deal with situations where there is a violent shooter” — Rick Santorum, (?!? IDK, Smart Guy I Guess)

The fact that the activity and movements of a stupid creature are absolutely erratic and irrational not only makes defense problematic but it also makes any counter-attack extremely difficult — like trying to shoot at an object which is capable of the most improbable and unimaginable movements.

True. But we are now in the epoch of Trumpism, a time where the absurd and the idiotic is to be expected — at all times, at any place, and under any circumstance. You must be able to employ active listening skills for a counter-offensive or risk being caught off guard by resorting to thinking about making an already pre-established point for defense. Forget about being defensive, think counter-offensive. An artistic director at the Theatre Language Studio in Frankfurt Germany named Abigail Paul said this in an article for the BBC titled “The secret to a quick-witted comeback”.

“Most of us don’t listen to the whole message, we are just waiting to make our own points. There is no magic bullet to getting better at listening besides practice,” […]

The goal is that we let go of our own ego and our own ideas because a huge part of listening is that you really have to be willing to be changed by what’s being said”

Yes and by that assume the position that Santorum is advising of students in that scenario. Use an appreciable tone to get inside his thought process receptively, and use his own words against him.

Simply clarify and reiterate Mr. Santorum’s suggestion and ask if the kids had known CPR then are you stating that lives could have been saved in that moment, during the violence being committed by the active shooter, under the grace of calm and courage, while in the face of a murderous sociopath, with the strong possibility of facing your own demise.

Secondly, regarding the role of Congress, as public servants, are you alluding that their role — the role in which you were entrusted to hold previously — be not looked upon to solve pervasive social problems which involve injustice, a public threat, and a danger to children in the public school setting or in civic society in general?

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Medical professionals have concluded in their response to the statements made by Santorum that not only debunk the training of CPR but also the idiocy behind it.

Of course they weren’t there to debate Santorum, neither would they have been expected to because the stupidity of Santorum was not to be expected.

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He jokingly said this on Wednesday…

“I think Sanjay Gupta’s job here at CNN is probably safe as being the medical commentator on things.”

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Me: Yeah, but naw that’s not funny though, probably should quit while you are still behind

Santorum said his comment about CPR “obscured the larger point” that past mass shootings have spawned organizations that he said have done significant work in combating school shootings by addressing mental health issues and bullying. Calls for divisive steps to impose stricter gun control laws obscure the work that such organizations do, Santorum said.

“What I’ve seen happen here is avoiding the issues that are really actually unifying,” he continued. “I mean, that’s really the most disturbing thing.”

More pseudo-profound bullshit here though. This has been studied by actual researchers in the department of psychology, journaled and cited.

The syntactic structure of a), unlike b), implies that it was constructed to communicate something. Thus, bullshit, in contrast to mere nonsense, is something that implies but does not contain adequate meaning or truth.¹

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I got receipts.

What is profound about this circular reference by Santorum in his remarks about past mass shootings that have spawned organizations — in a unifying way — that have done significant work in combatting school shooting by addressing mental health issues and bullying — is that he is concluding that there is a bright side to glean from mass shootings. This is idiocy. By using buzzwords like: “larger point”, “mental health”, “bullying”, “work that organizations do”, “avoiding the issues” and contrasting them with absolute nonsense. Seriously!

referred to as obscurantism (p. 1): “[when] the speaker… [sets] up a game of verbal smoke and mirrors to suggest depth and insight where none exists.”¹

Who’s next?! Oh I know Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on diversity. Look out for the next installment of A Potpourri of Profound Bullshit Vol#1 №2.



It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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