A President Like This

…and only a president like this



Only a president like this can be so detached from reality and unaware of the toxicity demonstrably spewed and or carried out with no chagrin.

Wow this is the brain on incurable narcissism. It appears more potent than LSD.

If you could get pass all that hyperbole, this country has seen a fair share of presidents being treated really badly — as appropriately defined, and you will comprehend why shortly. There are a few presidents that have been treated way incomparably worse or relatively speaking.

There was a president who was shot in the head because the assassin wanted to avenge the south. Putting an end to slavery brings out the worst in certain groups of people. The vanity and insanity of it all is quite disturbing.

Armed with a gun and a knife

There was another president who got shot in the head too.

The assassin, who has a similar penchant that Trump has for despotic or autocratic leaders, previously defected to the Soviet Union ( see wife and kid) and didn’t like the moral stances that Kennedy stood on like civil rights (no surprise here as this seem to be a persistent and recurrent theme here) women’s rights, and juvenile delinquency to name a few.

And albeit, not in the same scope or degree of radical outcome of hatred, there is then also this popular president. Remember this.

This was when Representative Joe Wilson yelled out ‘you lie’ while a president addressed the state of the union, or disunion rather. The…