Another Rebel With A ‘Lost Cause’

Trying to Assess This Presidency In The Best Possible Terms is Laughable — You Can’t Be serious!

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Trump’s Game Is to Hide The Fact That He Has No Game

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Those who consider me liberal for finding Trump to be way too incompetent to be president are just too daft to see that they are simply acting like pawns — held hostage by the motivated ignorance in this populist wave of tribalism and petulance at and towards egalitarianism. Just as there are misplaced ideas that conservatives hold, so too do liberals equally hold misplaced ideas that are devoid of anything plausibly sensible outside of their overly focused in-group interests. It really sucks to truly be a part of any one of these groups, and 💡you don’t necessarily have to be tribally tied to either.

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Some of these critics who engage in this conservative versus liberal bit actually feed into this charlatan’s “look at me” antics of divide and conquer deception. It is a pity that Trump doesn’t have the sagacity to do any good with the power he has cajoled many into giving him. The president could have been that righteous independent star that we have been craving for to buck this positive feedback loop of — bicameralism — politics as usual that we have been begging to escape from — and have been complaining about, but have reluctantly gone along with either to pick a winner or just hope for the best. Trump’s slick subtle endorsement at one point of Bernie Sanders is telling enough, but his narcissism and incompetence prevents him from being a significant agent of real change. I am not a huge fan of Bernie Sanders either, but this lost opportunity wasted on a Trump presidency actually bucked a longstanding trend and is an event that rarely happens.

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We came very close to capitalizing on this glorious opportunity before, only to squander it in idiocy with heightened resentment and racial discord during and after the Obama Presidency — a presidency that most political scientists would agree is more conservative than liberal or, rather independent. But because most people fixate on color or race first, their brains will fail to register or take into account the observable, and skew everything else. Most Democrats, before and now, never spoke so positively nor glowingly of their party’s leader during or after his time in office in comparison to the copious benefit of the doubt bestowed upon Trump by the Republican party — in only the first 6 months in office, and for the most inexcusable of indecorous attitudes and behaviors. Both the Republican, and Democrat leaderships are even seen as complicit in distorting, or turning a blind eye at what is evidently conspicuous forms of corruption to either hold onto, or gain political capital, respectively.

What has been gained this time around is an opportunity for conjecture and a realization that racism exists whether cloaked in red, white and blue, or intellectualized as not sticking up for the white working class. We know that Trump’s electoral vote is by large a white vote, a vote that compromises democracy in search for elevation, not jobs, nor security. We know from the data that this support was broad based — ranging from the poor to not so poor, middle-class and rich. We know that it was all about a restoration of whiteness. And such a crass vote could only be for a crass candidate in trump who has never served a day in public work prior, who has admittedly viewed women as maiden chattel, and who is completely insulted by the presidency of Barack Obama. Donald Trump is the lamest excuse for all of the white resentment we have witnessed thus far. You are not fooling me with that ‘lost cause’ crap.

The political outsider in the oval office is a gross electoral misstep and disappointingly a poor excuse

  • An abominable Hillary Clinton lost the election. It was not racial resentment, not white fragility, not white fog, and certainly not misogyny that got us a Trump Presidency.
  • Everybody wants to make America Great Again, the America we have been living in has been terrible for so long according to certain groups — inner city ghettos included — in our society. Whoever doesn’t want to see America great again must lack appreciation for the flag and what it signifies, which has nothing to do with a particular kind of nationalism and nothing to do with inequality, nor police brutality against African Americans in particular.
  • Washington D.C. is a swamp that needs to be drained.
  • Confederate soldiers were heroic and saintly. This I took verbatim from the original six tenets. Still effective to this day.🤔 Taking down our symbols and monuments of confederate history can only be seen as pandering to minority interests and signals an attempt at erasure of a majoritative democracy.
  • There are two sides to the protests at the Unite the Right march and rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that lead to the violence, death and conflict seen.
  • Notwithstanding Melania Trump, immigration has led to overwhelming and sweeping gang activity with their drug dealing and violence causing out of control drug addiction. They are also stealing jobs from Americans. We have to build a wall, paid for by Mexico, to keep them out and preserve the American way of life.

These concepts carry varying degrees of falsehoods or are negligible in scope of qualitative truth which also tends to contort reality in ways that reinforce biased attitudes and inspire insensitive beliefs. It is also suggestive that America has been tarnished by being overly generous with democracy to this point, and that these hard fought democratic principles has been taken for granted without gratitude and respect for the Founding Fathers and the generations that came after that are racially like them or delineate from them.

The latency of certain truths makes these falsehoods all the more liable to rile people up into a frenzy of cognitive dissonance. Most of the Founding Fathers, in true patriarchal fashion, did doublespeak against slavery as well as ironically enslave people. It also prompted President Abraham Lincoln to enter the war not because Blacks or Negroes should be and therefore are equal — it was to stop the rebellion and secession.

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The Founding Fathers and Slavery

This leads me to conclude with the seeming ambiguity in the infamous phrase, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Certainly, a rational person could look at the Constitution as a set of rules that breaks or allows the bending of certain rules constitutionally through contradiction and inferred privileging with authoritarian interpretations. The question that is often asked should not be what Thomas Jefferson or any other Founder meant by this statement, the question is how we can assure and guaranty its veracity and truthfulness, instead we dawdle on its application at a time where imperfect men had not evolved enough into a rationalization that support its underlying premise for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with all its benefits of interdependence on building a nation. Those men simply engineered some legal jargon that was just enough to allow for constitutional inertia to set in and leave open pathetic mis-interpretations about equality for all.

What they they have failed to recognize is what they had hoped for and did achieve. It was simply written in as a disclaimer that white men only were created equal and therefore superior to others, and it was to serve as the foundation of America’s core structure. They simply negated the contributions of others and refused to acknowledge how much greater that core struture had been constructed off the backs of non-whites to becoming a remarkable diversity, coupled with all of its unspeakable and repulsive history of inequality and classist strife — a crack in its foundations. The slipshod mechanism we know as the Constitution today has embedded in it the derivative ‘Lost Cause’ made to resemble democracy by making excuses for inequality to reign.

Many have come to overly rely on the way it has propagated a number of fallacious rationalizations that have been relegated to certain amendments being open to interpretations. This consistently leads to leaving many to ponder what did the Founding Fathers mean as the default notion. Clearly, we all know what the Founding Fathers meant and those notions need not be challenged as evidently they were imprecise in the Constitution’s applications that invited unlawfully contradicting subtexts.

Instead of democracy it made identity politics the guiding principles of American government, and inarguably, the arbiter of the constitution. Which leads us to the ideological rebel and presidency of Trump whose machinations of making America great again a caustic and weak foundation of American values by crass interpretation of a democracy under white supremacy, cast in the best way possible through the electoral college vote via a Trump Administration and repudiation of an Obama presidency— a ‘lost cause’ indeed.

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