A Trump Accidency, I Mean Presidency

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Now that the unlikely to occur has occurred, we need to brace ourselves for the impending impacts carried by the momentum of Trump’s own narcissism, replete with neo-fascist inclinations, as he takes the wheel and drives us straight into moral hazards. This accelerated rather quickly, fueled by nationalist, protectionist, and anti-immigration rage and resentment. The mere countervailing force of 2.5 million popular votes and counting won’t do much to decelerate, let alone stop the overriding factor of weight carried by the 306 electoral votes, 74 better than Clinton, for Trump to assume his accidency or presidency.

An accident occurs when something that appears to be functioning normally suddenly deviates from that norm, like electing a plausible president. Even though there are certain mechanisms in place to prevent an unfortunate incident from occurring, like electing someone who is wholly unqualified and incompetent, accidents will and do happen on occasion. The Trump persona and campaign is absolutely unusual. This is inarguable and one only needs to follow his tweets, his interviews, and campaign speeches to confirm it. This ironically makes Trump an accidental genius, to have won what appears to be a zero-sum game.

Not only is it not necessary to convince the sceptic to win the first game, it isn’t even sufficient. Convincing the sceptic does not diagnose the mistake in the sceptical paradox. If the sceptic is convinced, then there is an impressive argument that the conclusion of the sceptical paradox is false. If anything, this makes the paradox more acute (Wright 1985, 440–1).

Some call it serendipity for a political system that is rigged and deserves to be overhauled. True. But this is also a skeptical paradox for many more plausible reasons. Also true. I call the rationale behind Trumpism, an inaccurate, false premise that coincidentally happens to highlight a truth, and which has created a positive feedback loop, or Matthew Effect, for which no one other than Trump could have actually benefited. For instance, it was the influence and false premise of principles offered by Stephen Bannon, the executive chair of Breibart News and propagator of an alt-right online journal of divisive ideologies that overwhelmed a majority. Even though this pairing of ideologues encouraged such resentment tactics to captivate enough electoral votes, if Mr. Bannon were to run on his own devices he could be nominated much less win the office of president on his own standing. I am sure Mr. Bannon is also pleasantly surprised to now be named chief strategist and Senior Counsel to the most powerful man in the world, even though his conservative fringe venture has limited reach and pales in comparison to more popularly profitable media companies in the industry. But at this moment he, like the rest of the Trump supporters have convinced themselves that this was no accident. This is what I also call ignorant epistemological luck or more aptly “dumb-ass luck”.

Luck is incompatible with knowledge

Trump’s luck will run amok of democratic principles and civil liberties. It is an accident that will unfold with untold casualties and injuries for both the physical and metaphysical Americana at least for the foreseeable future.

When someone whose ribald comments offends and oppresses women and insinuates gender inequality, but is chosen to lead a major democracy, that is luck.

When someone says this…

“Well, I am not a racist, in fact, I am the least racist person that you’ve ever encountered.”

…and succeeds the first African-American president of the United States because in fact, he is the least racist person, then this may have something to do with skeptical luck.

President-elect Trump will join a growing cast of accidental presidents in our history and time will tell how tragic the outcome will be. We are all passengers now aboard Trump One that has hit turbulence in the deep blue skies above and is entering inclement weather systems ahead and we have been warned to brace for impact. We should all take heed because we are in for one hell of a ride.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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