About This Belief Perseverance In Trump

It will only lead to settling for more callousness

It starts with Donald Trump’s inward-looking epistemological solipsism and the espoused fanatical world view that too many have irrationally bought into. How this many have managed to subsidize this Trumpian view with their votes and their unabated compliance to his indeterminate methodology coupled with the narrowest scope of conveying or uncovering some semblance of truth, or plausible reasoning in aggregate, is profoundly stupid. What comes out of solipsistic Trumpism is devoid of coherence. It is bereft of philosophical significance. And last but not least, mired in the belief that some how and in some way Donald Trump is so special as to be unique — in a class all by himself.

As tempting as the descriptor ‘special’ is to confirm, apply, and to confine to that of the president, it would certainly violate all five of Cipolla’s fundamental laws of stupidity. Mr. Trump is not even rarified to his position much less to the preponderance and circulation of these prevalent individuals. In fact they make up Trump’s narcissistic supply or base, and they are quite common enough to not be unique in any profound way regardless of achievement, title, posterity, or consequence thereof in terms of education, health, or employment.

Don’t get it twisted the solipsism of Trump is not metaphysical, it could never be that deep and it is totally dependent on the existence of the stupid and the non stupid. Especially the non stupid — those who are helpless, intelligent, ineffectual, and those who are simply machiavellian bandits.

We have settled. Many have settled for Trump. Those who did not vote for him have settled and don’t see any point in trying to do better or for really wanting out of Trump. It is much like a bad marriage, since kids, a mortgage, and a price will have to be paid in terms of time and money with actually going through a divorce, poses many unforeseen risks. We are simply settling in and looking forward to the bright side as we journey through the worst.

Settling has its own legitimacy. Consider knowing that you are underpaid and overworked in a dead-end job. Thinking that this may be as good as it gets, you are likely to stay in that dead end job until the employer decides to lay you off. So the feeling of dissatisfaction and under-appreciation turns to habituation — an adaptive survival ability that serves as some form of psychological protection.

By the way I do liken this presidency as a citizen being in a bad relationship with Donald Trump as commander-in-chief.

Every compliment I hear or read about towards Trump is absurd flattery or just plain sycophancy. You apparently don’t know him the way I know him nor do you see him the way I see him. I take it that I must be the difficult one in this relationship. Even though there is remarkable evidence that I am being ill-treated, undermined, or not valued. Though others feel the same way or perhaps worse there is enough belief perseverance going around that countenance good sentiment about President Trump. Much like the countenance felt when attempting to leave a bad relationship or a dead-end job, there is a belief perseverance there that is pseudo profound enough to keep you settled with the notion that the grass may not be greener on the other side.

Belief perseverance(also known as conceptual conservatism[1]) is maintaining a belief despite new information that firmly contradicts it.[2]Such beliefs may even be strengthened when others attempt to present evidence debunking them, a phenomenon known as the backfire effect(compare boomerang effect).[3]

So much so that my wanting out of this relationship with its reasoning in my articles are seemingly having a backfire effect or boomerang effect.

In social psychology, the boomerang effect refers to the unintended consequences of an attempt to persuade resulting in the adoption of an opposing position instead.

A very callous position instead towards each other. This explains why hate crimes has risen according to FBI reports. There is a lot of callousness in bad marriages, in dead-end jobs, as well in all sorts of bad relationships. Thinking about it seems to further entrench the other side making it persistently worse and against the odds which factors much less in your optimistic favor. By settling or doing nothing, I adopt this opposing position and give into the belief perseverance of President Trump.

That means settling for remarkable stupidity in my future. As former House Speaker and future hopeful again, Nancy Pelosi’s suggestions on impeachment, or any counteroffensive on the president and his policies, there is a belief that we are not there yet.

There were a lot of Democrats, I suggested, who believed that bipartisanship had been rendered antique in the Trump era. “Yeah,” Pelosi replied, smirking, “and I have those who want to be for impeachment and for abolishing ICE” — Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, the federal law-enforcement agency spearheading Trump’s crackdown on immigration. “Two really winning issues for us, right? In the districts we have to win? I don’t even think they’re the right thing to do. If the evidence from Mueller is compelling, it should be compelling for Republicans as well, and that may be a moment of truth. But that’s not where we are.”

Settling means forgoing any call for censure, rebuke, or impeachment of the president. There could even quite possibly be a premature end to the Mueller investigation and you know what I am apt to say ’the heck with it’. If that isn’t settling I don’t know what it.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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