Absolutely, my dear. Marley K. I can take your excellent analogy even further. What has been prescribed has led to prescription abuse as seen in corporatists/lobbyists, withdrawal as seen in whiteness of whom had to deal with some reduction of privilege and entitlement from civil rights laws and and enactments as well as Black fortitude, and addiction as seen in special interest groups and even politicians — their very own pushers.

Not surprising that many of them can’t think straight because they are so high off politicization and its racializations. They are numb to the real consequence of such dereliction by their political identities/tribal parties.

Many will mistake my pieces as having a left leaning or democrat siding lure but I assure you (laughingly) that is not what a democrat is. I am neither republican, democrat, nor independent. I am simply an American (an interculturalistic progressive). What most of us don’t realize is that those subgroupings in particular or subdivisions are subordinate to and of less importance to the more grander scheme of being American.

Where is that solidarity? Why would it be okay to forgo and dismiss that over the illegitimate grievances that safe harbor racism, white supremacy, patriarchy, antisemitism, anti-immigration, anti-Black woman, homophobia, misogyny, corporatism, religiosity…etc, etc that foment in these small sub divisions or subgroups.

And so once again I don’t empathize with whiteness, nor with the rich. And I certainly do not empathize with stupidity.

Such rampant stupidity is too baffling and incomprehensible to combat, resist or curb, so rightfully and yet sadly…

We are doomed to suffer and wither away from heartache, heart break, and heart disease as indicated by the pulse of America.

Change is possible but it is too much damn work simply because many find it difficult to just open their damn eyes, let alone get a pulse.

By the way look who paid me an unexpected visit…LOL

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Man! politicization/racialization is one helluva drug.

I also want to thank Tre L. Loadholt for her positivity and influence with her shares. I can only explain this by Spinoza’s philosophy of who we are all interdependent upon each other in the most far reaching and most inconspicous of ways.

“There is no such thing as a discrete individual, Spinoza points out. This is a fiction. The boundaries of ‘me’ are fluid and blurred. We are all profoundly linked in countless ways we can hardly perceive. My decisions, choices, actions are inspired and motivated by others to no small extent. The passions, Spinoza argued, derive from seeing people as autonomous individuals responsible for all the objectionable actions that issue from them. Understanding the interrelated nature of everyone and everything is the key to diminishing the passions and the havoc they wreak.”

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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