Absurd Fascinations or Healthy Obsessions?

Surely there must be some degree of debilitating fatigue with having to cope with heightened expectations and fantastical assumptions from both the meddlesome to the intrigued among us. Lack of appreciation for privacy has given way to this yearning to be seen, and gawked at, to fulfill some aspect of being validated. But how could someone be so fascinated with the incessant fawning over and or impolite derision bestowed upon them?

Over an extended period it becomes a heavily documented, eccentric life of both envy and criticism, and apparently it has become a profession for a favored and fortunate few. And the inevitable fall from such disproportionate grace can equally develop into a pensive misery post hoc. The more I think about the consequences the more absurd this sort of facts become.

Then there is the flip side. Why are so many so devotedly or incessantly fascinated with adulating others to such a frenzy? It would appear that the lives of obsessive followers engaged on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are just so unfulfilled that they too become so disillusioned.

But there are those who find the copious exposures of celebrity-types, (the internet famous included) captivating and even healthy to promote as admirable. They can be seen also as a benchmark to your own spiritual or emotional development. Others persuasively contend that it is merely a form of modest support for the often excluded body types, the uninvited or the rejects from the status quo version of standardized beauty, and I am tempted to agree with and promote that inclusive rationale at times.

I also rationalize further whether it could also be a form of escapism from a parallel reality, devoid of acknowledgement and respectability, in a competitive and inequitable world, where one’s alternatives are limited, fleeting or few and far between? A kind of distraction in the balancing acts of life that has its rewards.

These distractions from the myriads of subscribers seemingly project unto a small few, an envious but spurious opportunity in adornment that is irrespective of anything notable or genius. This is truly quite an example of becoming the irrational exception of mediocrity.

In my considerable experience, the character of a woman will trump any desirability consensus (mass appeal) that she has garnered and or fabricated online. If she is so focused on aggregating this consensus unclad or au naturel without espousing the more cerebral dimensions of her being, then her outward appearance and the perception that goes along with it, is only but a shallow shell of her personality. A superficiality.

Getting to know her enough to encourage, draw out, and appreciate those unique qualities would only accentuate her aesthetic beauty, and is the best desirability index to: follow, like, befriend, or possibly fall in love with.

What remains incontrovertible about memes of this sort are that they are nothing more than an aggregate of what the broader society simply projects, be it a healthy obsession or an absurd fascination.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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