Actually, we are on a first name basis now MarieG, you can use Kevin. 😊

In sticking with the analogy, it should behoove someone to remove the toe to save the rest of the body from impending infection or gangrene as well as to save plausible mobility. The assessment of the toenail itself is superficial and not the root cause, it is the impact of the toenail causing the wound and the infection that subsequently calls for the removal of the toe.

Whether we like it or not we are all a part of this socio-political body and there are certain aspects of it — let’s call them tumors — that are either benign or can be malignant. I am going to take a leap here and coin this for myself as a normal abnormality, due to the fact that it can be quite commonplace and expected to find this in such a large amorphous body.

Both pose a threat to that body, but one is more severe than the other in location, scope, and degree. For example, there are aspects of implicit bias that is benign but can inflame which increases the threat of systemic and caustic societal damage. Before it gets to that point we should seek ways to remove the threat without much fanfare and collateral damage. Properly identifying and isolating these issues is key to taking the appropriate steps to resolving them without blowing stuff up.

A rash decision to employ a demagogue (as chemotherapy) runs the risk of wreaking irreversible havoc by suppressing our democratic institutions (the immune system) in the process. Comparably, there are many aspects of our society that is measurably good or even better in terms of life expectancy, household income, and educational attainment (albeit the mean distribution by ethnicity is highly unequal), however, this malignant tumor should be isolated and taken out so as to preserve the whole.

I hope that ramble makes sense. LOL

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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