Agreeable. 😊 Aside from the aesthetics in its combinative forms and variations, diversity is critical however to human evolution and persistence which — unbeknownst to many especially apologists of race ideology and rhetoric, with intellectual and moral leadership in tow— ensures human survival. Humanity and diversity are concomitant: it is interdependent, it cannot be isolated nor can it be articulated in subsequence. You will run the risk of the chicken or the egg circularity.

Doing away with race should be akin to a major market correction. This sociopolitical bubble (of false consciousness) is once again unsustainable. The propping up of race and its conflation with humanity is an attempt to create value where no applicable or plausible value exists. We have to unlearn what has been falsely justified, valued, and or naturalised as hierarchical human identity.

When we observe ethnicity and cultural identity you are correct in that we cannot tie this to race, it is evident that this is where the aspect of subsequence is at play, resulting from and predicated on events characterized by migration, environmental conditions, survival instincts, and most notably quality of reproduction which are in an evolving state of constant flux.

This is what makes the compulsion towards fighting racism (with dissenting views) an appreciation (and acknowledgement) of the full range of humanity as a service that is worthwhile in self preservation.

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