Agreed and I can attest to you knowing that.

The coonery here is unmistakable and I think I explained enough why coonery exists. But for many it appears that there might be something to this sort of coonery which is confounding to me, especially when it comes from an intellectually weak individual who many attribute to being a musical genius.

Firstly, that is hyperbole and wholly irrelevant.

Music is subjective. Talent in music is also highly subjective. Additionally, talent in a very specific uncorrelated area is not license to wax nonsensically about alternative facts or falsehoods, nor is it license to ruminate on alternative histories in an attempt to satisfy egomaniacal needs and interests. It does not qualify him for statesmanship.

So I hope they all stop with the he is talented or a genius bit because so what!

Secondly, the self doubt I raise is based on the level of attention gained and the level to which it has been coordinated by the political media complex. This scheme from SNL onward plays into malignant narcissism and its demands.

The degree to which it has been just-world justified is arcanely deliberate and constant. The agenda that Trump brought to the forefront is so intense as to be palpable. The country itself is in a willful degenerative state and I am never shy about cognitively exposing these theoretical deficits.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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