Agreed, but those comments are not what broke the camel’s back, we have already instead resorted to riding this donkey many moons ago. The most recent comments aired by the president in semi-public spaces are not different in tone and malignancy in comparison to when he was campaigning in open public spaces. None of this should be seen as revelatory at this point. The ongoing debasement of human values and decency coming from this administration should be expected whether he lies successfuly or commits what many will remember only as another faux pas.

What I will continue to do is be resilient in the face of such dehumanization just as my forebears were, and just as my descendants will have to be in order to persist. I will continue to highlight the truth with the hope that others will embrace what the truth holds and what ethical and moral logic has spared them because of it. Clearly many have found reasons to give in and accept the appearance of an impenetrable status quo in hopes that common sense arrives or some spiritual awakening comes from working with them. That would be a narcissistic fail.

This idea that Trump may now be mentally unfit or neurologically impaired is laughable when the same can be said of the 62,979,879 that voted for him. But why now and not before? While most have rationalized his blustering sentiments as warranted in what amounts to be contextually out of bounds, others have concluded that there needed to be a shake up in government especially following Mr. Obama’s presidency. That seems to be all it takes to soothe stuff like this and countless other misgivings over.

And many will see opportunity in this more importantly, look at the remarkable confidence gained in the stock markets — a symbol of complicit endorsement and justification in white patriarchy and its supreme ideology. Many will remain adherently fearful socioeconomically because this is simply a bigger distortion of what actually plays out hierarchically in corporations.

The truth has an uncanny way of revealing itself. Especially and ironically from the source of miscreants themselves.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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