Agreed, race is nothing but a false identity embedded into the maelstrom of identity politics. This primitive subjugation and groupthink view of defining oneself is essentially a determination of identifying enemies in some perceived threat over scarce resources. If you end up subscribing to this fallacy then you will find that you have many enemies then that are incongruous to any superficial features.

Secondly, with this subscription to whiteness there is this determination of blackness, which not only serves to privilege whites at the expense of marginalizing non-whites, but serves to substantiate the absurdities that come with it. This adds to the complexity of being black (double-consciousness, black pride, faulty monolithic assumptions and incompatibilities, colorism, or just being a black republican😳😳😳). In essence we only think we are black because of the imposition of whiteness. We end up diminishing any cultural aspects of human diversity by participating in this widespread scam.

And yet human existence is dependent biologically on the flora of human diversity and its persistence. Many speak of biodiversity only in plants and animals in the variety and plethora of sustenance and survivability, but genetically it has played an even bigger role in human existence/persistence than most are willing to admit.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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