Ah, so many of my questions have just been answered in this brilliant exposè, and in particular, right here in this passage. The ad marketing of and to white women ingratiates them with this social positioning of whiteliness. This ideological identity posits their uniquely conditioned roles in various stages of life as a high functioning gender standard to which white women are to subscribe to, or are to be seen as ascribing to, within this cultural construct. Highly visible and pretentious, it feeds plainly into the prevailing patriarchal perception and probably contributes to the high divorce rate among white women in particular.

Yes, while my racially assigned status inspires this viewpoint, there is statistical evidence that validates my reasoning more importantly. Plus, it is an intriguing topic that I find to be somewhat wholly attributable to marital decay in general from a cultural standard perspective across all racial groups with perpetuating this characteristically as a societal norm for women.

For instance the National Council on Family Relations produced a study in 2008 written by Jenifer L. Bratter and Rosalind B. King titled “Will It Last?”: Marital Instability Among Interracial and Same-Race Couples, which examined social stigmas attached to interracial relationships and their findings were interesting.

Racial differences in marriage,[…]correspond to higher divorce rates but mostly in marriages where the White spouse is female. NH(non-hispanic) Black husband/White wife marriages were twice as likely to divorce as White/White couples, and NH Asian husband/White wife couples were 59% more likely.

Interestingly enough the reverse combination showed a decrease in the likelihood of divorce, which is quite remarkable in my opinion.

White husband/NH Black wife couples were 44% less likely to divorce than White/White couples, and White husband/NH Asian wife couples were only 4% more likely to divorce by year 10.

Furthermore the artificial social distancing between groups are exacerbated by the dynamics of socioeconomic status. Since white women seem to be the standard bearer for the gender or considered highly prized chattel, this probably imbues some psychosomatic disturbance with rationalizing their identity in this way.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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