All Of These Attention-Seekers Are Playing You For Likes, Follows, And Streams

I can tell you what mental illness is not: scandalously entertaining

Reading and hearing about celebrity mentions and the issues they publicly disclose for consumption (even though I am personally full with my own issues and never hunger for theirs) has left me socially disoriented in my engagements with everyday folk from the water-cooler to the bedroom.

Maybe it is just me and my limited experience, but I’ve known people over the years with mental illness and I have never seen or heard them humblebrag about it with the intention or motivation of extorting attention from others.

So here they go again as reported by Slate, with my emotional memes interspersed…

Here’s the Cliffs Notes version: Kanye West is feuding with Drake, a spat Ariana Grande alluded to while promoting her new single. West didn’t take kindly to that and tweeted a thread about how it was no longer OK to make fun of mental illness. Grande’s ex, comedian Pete Davidson, praised West for speaking out about mental health; Davidson’s comments seemed to include a backhanded swipe at Grande, which Grande’s fans didn’t like. A few minutes of online abuse later, Davidson posted a note that led people to believe he was suicidal, then deleted his Instagram account entirely. Grande rushed to the studios where Saturday Night Live was rehearsing, and so did an NYPD officer; Davidson was at work and is apparently OK, or as OK as anyone can be living in public. Want a more detailed account of a low moment in the lives of several complete strangers? Feast your eyes, glut your soul on the tweet that started Saturday’s whole mess:

Time to go to sleep now.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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