All of this silly tribalism with their convenient momentary and monetary alliances are simply confused groupings with confusing leanings and dispositions. I am not surprised at all that you were able to read into what you have read. The double entendres and metaphorical concepts were by design and was meant to inspire thinking. Like many of my thinkpieces the medium stats prove that many have fallen asleep halfway through while very few come away woke to the prevailing idiocy of our times. Obviously Marley K. you are among the stay woke exception.

The vainglory religiosity of the Jewish or Evangelical faiths in particular, being propped up and seen as preeminent is acrimonious to all the other faith based and non faith based systems of human beings on this planet. (Many archaic faith based systems are still in existence today —Zoroastrianism predates judaism and Islam) Offering only to be the standard and not merely just an extension of human based ethnocultural religion serves to not only resist the floras of humanity but to shade it. Once again…

There is no such thing as a discrete group (or individual for that matter), the boundaries between you and I are both fluid and translucent such that our attitudes, actions, and beliefs are consequential to varying degree and scope in our interconnectedness.

How people can NOT see the offense to humankind taken by such religiosity, such politicism, such racialism, and such culturalism is willful blindness to our very persistence and precarious existence as inhabitants of this earth.

I would like to add religion to the dialogue we need to start having as I quote you on that superb think piece you so smartly called upon.

Nothing is wrong with having a variety or diversity of human thought, belief and activity until it is used to stand apart and against the very same thing you value and promote or are clearly a part of.

So like you, I honestly don’t know what is wrong with people??

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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