All the best to you and your wife (Mrs. Deb) on retirement living in the NOW. I see the logic in it. While you are able to contemplate this however, for those who are not at or no way near that beautiful sunset stage, we see pessimism in our wake. I guess that is why Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies (no government oversight, no central bank) is on a tear as of late. An ominous sign that this loss of faith in government has more than just legs it has a growing body of nonbelievers in fiat currency.

It is safe to say that with a mad man at the helm, American democracy is pushing the envelope on authoritarianism with this presidency. Donald Trump is riding a Matthew Effect that seemingly knows no bounds in terms of affluence, notoriety and connivance. Everything that has been thrown up in the air is up for grabs for those on top. Meanwhile I risk straining my arms (oh oh Obamacare repeal)that are stretched out waiting for anything to fall into mine.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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