Although this is warranted it essentially amounts to a purge. Purges are understood to be violent. The deep state and its white patriarchal ideology have found safe haven under Trump. They are not only emboldened but being made to reveal themselves as a majoritative force so that we continue to acquiesce to the standardized hierarchy before us — a politically conservative position indeed.

And since they represent vast constituencies that include resentful, indifferent, or anti-immigration white male and female liberals also across the nation, and are representative in congress via democratic means, it stands to reason that they are sufficent in number to shift the republic into further chaos. How do you purge the minds of those who not only has a misunderstanding and misperception of the country’s history but also benefits and finds normalcy in the fallacy of zero-sum ideology in both tangible and intangible forms?

What we are banking on in the next set of elections is a sentimental shift towards logic. A logic that doesn’t just see racism as a rude, name-calling, device but an actual institutional and socioeconomic means to a disruptive and divisive end.

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