Alto, your perspective is most agreeable given the context. However there will be those who disagree only because they are beholden to their respective tribes. It is why we needlessly engage in a war of words, attitudes, and insentivities, which in many instances ultimately lead to all sorts of violence to put forth or settle arguments, markedly in a devolving effort towards humanity. None of which really warrants that sort of escalation, which contributes to why your perpsective is most agreeable to me.

It is also concerning to me that the appearance of condescension could distort or mischaracterize what should be seen as sound reasoning behind a legtimate counterargument and further perpetuate the chasm without really filling it with understanding and empathizing.

I have responded before to similar posts that there is this unsolicited, yet fully paid subscription to whiteness that not only seeks to determine blackness, it accompanies othering, in a most hierarchical way. This subjugation of everyone else under the prevailing coercive narrative and dominant framework in turn reaps socioeconomic benefits at the expense (detrimentally) of the “other”, both physically and psychologically.

Just saying.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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