America Should Break From Its Pact With The Devil

When You Love Power More Than You Love Your Country…

...the greater Good is compromised. The soul of Donald Trump has already been compromised. That empowerment felt after the election is belligerence against your own countrymen — politically, racially, culturally, and intellectually.

To speak of our national exceptionalism — as it were — is absolutely a joke when considering who is in the White House, as well as taking into account most of the elected officials in Congress who put him there — whether directly or indirectly.

Don’t worry this four-year social contract you opted-in for, it shouldn’t be seen as a material breach constitutionally, it should be democratically deliberated as an anticipatory breach of this Faustian bargain with Trump and Company.

Your Pyrrhic Victory has resulted in consequential losses and it is still counting…

Trump supporters should stop celebrating this victory by going to Trump rallies with lynch mob sensibilities seeking to be entertained by divisive and aberrant cries for political incorrectness and dogmatic nationalism. This is nothing but distractions. When a charlatan like Trump uses protectionism and xenophobia as a weapon against globalization you develop further a hermeneutically inclined worldview that is fraught with an absurd skepticism of humanity and its inherent diversity.

Globalization needs to be thoroughly understood in order to curtail its problematic outcomes of inefficiencies. A trade war or military posturing will not solve this phenomena that has enriched the lives of so many on every and any level.

People who have mishandled the power of their vote for a Faustian bargain with Trump act under this predominant misapprehension of the world. The beliefs implored inspire spurious identities that are hermeneutically rationalized as esoteric in the world in its wildly held historicism of what it means and how one is perceived to be authentically American. European Americans — a color-distinct cultural amalgamation of sorts — in particular (of whom the terminology is noticeably absent on the racial and ethnic sections of job application and other census forms) exude this default western esotericism about them as comprehensively an advanced nation under God socioeconomically.

You can easily replace the agent Faust with Trump here.

The ongoing probe into Russian propaganda efforts in the U.S.elections by Robert Mueller and the president’s reactions and behaviors towards it is both alarming and disheartening, to say the least.

It is quite evident that evangelicals are not credible with making the determination of character and faith when it comes to their support for Mr. Trump as President of the United States.


There is plenty more to see here and yet the threat of undermining the conclusion of it all suggests that this pact with the devil cannot or should not be broken. Clearly, it doesn’t have to be this way.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.