American Democracy It Seems Is Not Idiot Proof

We The People have instead turned to Idiocracy

In an idiocracy, a miasma of idiocy emanates and offends democracy and its democratic principles; wherein the individual takes precedence above and before the community at large. Individualism posits that it is the individual that ensures liberation through self-reliance, and therefore the individual is the primary factor and motivator for an advanced civil society. While admirable notions like these make for an epic hollywood script, it is absurdly fallacious as noted by Spinoza who had philosophically sought to un-warp this wayward concept of deluded individualism.

There is no such thing as a discrete individual. This is a fiction. The boundaries of ‘me’ are fluid and blurred. We are all profoundly linked in countless ways we can hardly perceive. My decisions, choices, actions are inspired and motivated by others to no small extent. -Spinoza

The conservatively framed tropes confer sincere fictions of false justifications to mask privilege and malevolence.

It is evidently clear that the Framers of the Constitution only had white patriarchy in mind. It now stands to reason that the 13 members (white males only, no women allowed) of Senate charged with reconstituting a healthcare bill — all in an effort to erase President Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement — for Americans is an extension of deliberate and wholly undemocratic governance. That gerrymandering coupled with anti-immigrant messaging — all within an immigrant nation has worked to favor a conservative majority that is racially white, which in turn has brought about this enduring republican coup that has electorally placed an incompetent, boorish and indecorous leader in Donald Trump as president. This portends nothing short of an idiocracy; a retreat from the collective multicultural or intercultural reality, into the realm of xenophobia, patriarchy, and homophobia and protectionism — all under the guise of #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. Idiocy.

Our alleged democratic institutions reinforce this mythology in profoundly convincing ways. I would be remiss if I didn’t expound on the etiology of an idiocracy. Walter C. Parker succinctly characterizes its culminating force in terms of its development in an article titled “Teaching Against Idiocy”.

Idiocy shares with idiom and idiosyncratic the root idios, which means private, separate, self-centered — selfish. “Idiotic was in the Greek context a term of reproach. When a person’s behavior became idiotic — concerned myopically with private things and unmindful of common things — then the person was believed to be like a rudderless ship, without consequence save for the danger it posed to others. This meaning of idiocy achieves its force when contrasted with politẽs (citizen) or public. Here we have a powerful opposition: the private individual versus the public citizen.

Many are not cognizant of the hidden dangers at play in the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, instead of its open options for enhancement, they opt for impoverishment or death. They are neither conscious about the anti-democratic attitudes and behaviors that conflict and contradict the history of America’s founding by espousing radical anti-immigration stances and discrimination. Most are not even remotely aware of the looming extinction-level crises of life as we know it due to the inherent consequences of having elected a socially impubescent man to the nation’s highest, nearly impeachable office.

Idiots do not partake in public life; they do not have a public life. In this sense, idiots are immature in the most fundamental way. Their lives are out of balance, disoriented, untethered, and unrealized. Tragically, idiots have not met the challenge of “puberty”, which is the transition into public life.

The Julius Caesar performance on June 12 of newly minted members of the Trump Cabinet— in round a round table fawning and adulating over Trump’s first 100 days in office is indicative of idiocy. Trump does not govern over democratic citizens, he is only representative of a large enough graft of resentment in opposition of and in fear of inclusivity. Unbeknownst to them is their self-defeating, self-interest that threatens their very own freedom. This display of unconscionability is predicated on motivated ignorance — not knowing and/or not wanting to know due to belief insensitivity and idiocy.

What they are conscious of perhaps is the rugged individual spirit promoted by what is mostly viewed as flawlessly written in the constitution by the exceptional Founding Fathers. Negating that this document was written in what can conceptually be viewed as “overly simplified times”, we seem to be relegated to sustaining the mystique of this dominant false narrative and its preconceived notions that is alleged to give rise to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but in really “simple” in-group terms.



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