Americans Have This Strange Affinity For Hollywood’s False Idols

Your #MeToo stance serves to benefit your showy selves, bottom line.

Warning: I am persnickety on the topic of celebrity activism or when it comes to celebrities period.

They are like you and me, and at the same time they are not quite like you and me. They have been serendipitously plucked from our midst to reinforce the dominant framing of our humanity, in pictures and film no less. Yet with the admiration and social capital invested in thee they exalt themselves as the most visible and highly acclaimed arbiters of our sociopolitical plight. Well, at least most of them give the appearance that they do.

Splayed out on the big screen, and living lavishly off it, these folks are paid handsomely to play existential aspects of our lives: our fears, our fantasies, our wants, and our needs, but on the red carpet they stumble and bungle their way to our rescue or allyship. Whether it is on or off script, they presume to be the best example and representative, on our behalf, to decry a range of dehumanizing matters that plague us.

This ability to grab or force our attention unto them is annoyingly effective even though I have never sat through five minutes of an awards show where they gratuitously award themselves for whatever. The latest united front which started with Harvey Weinstein, will supposedly end with the biggest and brightest of female stars presenting a Time’s Up legal defense fund in hope that the threat of big settlements will make sexual harassment go away.

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We should diffuse the notion and sensibility that money or net worth is chiefly the determining factor of human value or individualistic merit and quality. That settlement money is an equalizer or just punishment in particular as the only qualified and appropriate deterrent to this social ill is misleading and insufficient. This crime which is more widespread than in Hollywood circles happens mostly amongst the less affluent and less moneyed. It is often touted that money is no object by most, but not all of the filthy rich and aberrantly powerful, so even in this sphere the proposal would seem insufficient and prove to be circular in logic.

Just bear this in mind and proceed with caution when offering up such devoted adulation to this class of citizenry. These people are especially adept at role playing. It is how they make a handsome living. They are like chameleons — by trade, and incorporate or appropriate sociopolitical trends as a means to making their ends. What happens when the #metoo trending stops trending though? Do they simply cast themselves into a new hashtag role to garner our attention and solidify their fandoms?

Just curious.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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