An example of hope…right here and in this instance or in this continuing experience we share.

“There is no such thing as a discrete individual, Spinoza points out. This is a fiction. The boundaries of ‘me’ are fluid and blurred. We are all profoundly linked in countless ways we can hardly perceive. My decisions, choices, actions are inspired and motivated by others to no small extent” — Spinoza

There is also no such thing as an exceptional clan, tribe, nation, nor race as we are interdependent on one another in ways that are both intriguingly complex and tediously cumbersome to perceive let alone understand.

Many people will enter and leave our lives in need of repair or in disrepair. Some will never admit that they are broken. These people are dangerously mistaken. We are all broken and are looking to be fixed, and it can’t completely happen by sheer individualistic will. They will not be able to find refuge: with just a significant other; a family unit; a tribe; within a nation; or within a racial identity.

If we can all recognize and acknowledge the value of our humanness and extol its virtues….🤔

The best starting place would be within a family and exemplify this belief and attitude outward into a community, a collective, a solidarity, and then humanity. Instead we are encumbered with the exchanges of harms that perpetuate and promulgate into every form of disillusion you can think of.

Funny enough these conversations are hard to come by or are never contemplated let alone achieved.

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