An Open Sore For All To See

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STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. — Hundreds of people showed up at Stone Mountain, Saturday, in support of the Confederate Flag.

Pro-confederate rallys, confederate flag sympathizers, and southern heritage appealers continue to mock and contradict the ideals of citizenry with spurious reasoning. Memorializing and or mourning a societal lifestyle that glorifies a time of human trafficking and human abuse is a blatant subversion of the United States. The ideology is a contemptuous attempt to abet an alleged superiority of whites over people of color and is beyond nefarious.

The rebel flag is nothing but an allusion to slavery, segregation, second-class citizenry, a caste system, and in particular anti-black crusading for whites and their intractable positions on what the Civil War was about. This warrants enlightenment and not the kind that convolutes one aspect of a freedom over another in terms of freedom of speech — which is in this instance an example of incivility which infringes on the freedom from fear within your own state.

Expressing your right to be morally and ethically wrong as well as patently false is apparently a privilege enjoyed by this ancestral movement. It isn’t enough that this is an immoral position by the South leading up to the Civil War, and that a number of slave revolts and uprisings would continue to threaten such a dastardly economy to begin with. These actions, and the sincere fiction of their voices are nothing more than a continued affront to people of color.

The rationale behind their defiance and stance in this movement continues to infect an open and prolonged wound in America that hasn’t healed well over time.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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