And resist we shall. But first there is a wrong kind of resistance and a right kind of resistance and although we may assume that it goes without saying, it certainly needs to be said.

I would like to add that the resistance largely seen has been tempered by what I perceive as an unwillingness to confront the hurt, despair, anxiety and anger towards the injustice and inequality felt. Those feelings though quite unbearable at times has thus created quite a bit of psychological harm in the wake of mixed feelings.

Certain aspects of resistance has resulted in just that — a self-defeating resistance. A not coming to terms with it resistance. A problematic resistance that suggests that if you can’t beat ’em join ’em, then change them from within. This is a dead end or end round route used by Candace Owens and the like who are posing as conservative bootstrappers. Then there is the smooth talking liberals who prefer that you tone it down, be patient and stay composed. They have and will betray you like the entire California (or New York) State legislature that shouts and runs on what you want to hear and once in power use government to protect the status quo.

So what you have written about here and in most of your pieces is the pain — both physical and mental, and absolutely spiritual — that seemingly most would rather avoid. The unnecessary suffering, unnecessary inequality, replete with unnecessary injustice is thereby condoned by the resistance to resisting it or confronting such frustrations. It is an avoidant attitude that is counterintutive, yet unproductive. It is like postponing paying off or contesting a bill and dealing with the consequences thereafter in terms of penalty, interest charges or bad credit rating. Not knowing how to save or not knowing how to sacrifice for a greater good or stand up for a better outcome is inexcusable and not in the least an innocent reason to resist resistance.

So let this serve as a confrontation to a growing frustration to this administration — its whiteness, and its white supremacy. Let us articulate the distress because seeing it apparently doesn’t tell the whole story. Rightly, let the comprehension resonate and inculcate a morality and a humanity that I see as wrongly being resisted.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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