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Actually, I am not having to “rethink” anything when I see this photo. I see this in my family and in the families I have grown up around all my life. The variant human attributes — shades of skin tone, hair textures, and facial features are quite commonplace among Blacks — as we are characteristically deemed under this fraudulent social construct.

In defense of my humanity and under the barrage of being affronted by discrimination and denigration over melanin pigmentation, I am having to proudly resort to being unapologetically Black with resilience in tow.

Because of its evolutionary lability, skin and color phenotype is useless as a unique marker of genetic identity.¹

This issue may represent a “rethinking” for a specific audience of Whites who continue to give credence to the sham of a social construct that dehumanizes non-whites categorically — under some figment of the evil imagination kind — for the imposition of racial hierarchy amongst mere humans. However, this does not “shock and awe” me, and the occurrence is not a new phenomena, neither are they outliers, nor an anomaly either.

This absurd notion presented as intellectual rhetoric is actually just promoting a sophistic consent to racist musings. Nothing more and nothing less.

I deem this article or exposè as an EPIC FAIL.

¹ Jablonski, N. (2004). The Evolution of Human Skin and Skin Color. Annual Review of Anthropology, 33, 585–623. Retrieved from

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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