As I read the story on Fraser in the GQ you linked here Caleb, I go from nostalgia to being disturbed by his experience as a victim of sexual assault. And with that there is this often unseen and unrecognized culmination of a complex post-traumatic stress disorder that becomes an indelible scar for life.

It is all about power as you say and it needs to be discussed to the point of legislation (Survivors’ Bill of Rights) so that society at large can unlearn and dismantle the social norms that seeds rape culture.

The broader societal inclination or predisposition of capitalism being the justification for everything as the fundamental model of our society needs plenty of reassessing. Gatekeepers exploit this for their own sociopathic vices for power and control, it is what I deem in this context as an uneven power dynamic that vitiates the essentiality of gatekeeping with demoralizing and corruptive implications.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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