As long as Oprah believes she owes her wealth and fame to the sincere fiction and charity of whites then she is beholden to them, no matter how much harm is occurred with her complicity, and the resulting impact of devaluing the social capital of BLM.

When Oprah hides behind the microphone and goes into tv journalist mode to reinforce the dominant narrative, she does the black community — to which she belongs to only by default, a disservice.

This is one aspect of the network disadvantage that the black community detrimentally experiences which limits social support and instead serves more as a constraint.

No doubt Oprah Winfrey sacrificed and worked diligently under and within the dominant (white) frame and was luckily rewarded (good for her)— because she became an A student of the socialization proffered in the racial hierarchy and is the antithesis of the “angry black woman” stereotype under this fraudulent social construct. Her present work on CBS 60 Minutes is unavailing and inconsequential to equality. It is insipidly ineffectual and a complete waste of time.

It appears that the black bourgeoise would rather invest their social capital into constructing a space within the racial-caste system for which they can operate comfortably and ameliorate whiteness. Are we to look forward to climbing up into this space, only to find a comfy boudoir to sit up in, instead of simply assisting to remove the racial-caste system altogether for the sake of social equality?

Ms. Winfrey and the like display an air of racial etiquette that is disquieting and insensitive to not only BLM, but to the idea of being black period. Not only am I feeling belittled by the way she wields her social capital, I am also made to feel humiliated by the Horatio Alger myths that she and her cohorts espouse.

Keep up the good work my sis and stay blessed.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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