As much as I don't understand the cogency enveloped around the vanity and insanity of whiteness, I also do not understand why such profoundly disturbing sociopathic racist behavior have no real consequential impact for this collective.

But for the fact that Amy Cooper was terminated from her job at Franklin Templeton (under certain reputational duress after briefly placing her on administrative leave), it seems for the most part constititional for Amy Cooper and the like to be callous towards fellow but racialized Americans as long as they are not caught on video doing this.

Bearing in mind that Amy Cooper did make a false report by giving misleading information to the police, which is applicably a crime here under New York penal law, the NYPD had already decided that this was constitutional, given the vanity and insanity of whiteness to which this collective is with great precedent entitled with and privileged to in their callousness.

The understated soft power of this sort of callousness wielded by whiteness in these instances are remarkable to say the least, even as Christian Cooper — the victim is on CNN calling for civility which is duly noted when it comes to the reported death threats Amy Cooper is said to have received, however that this is being made a sticking point by media outlets in an effort to sanitize Cooper's criminality and callousness is to great disproportional effect. Especially when seen in the video her intentions and motivations were clearly to get the police to kill Christian Cooper for advising her to leash her dog in an area where leashing is required as posted. Such rules in white open spaces, tacitly do not apply to her apparently and in capitalizing on that soft power, what could only be described as her white rage resulted from a racialized view of Christian Cooper’s request to do so is quite evident.

Even in her expressed apology she is affirming her whiteness amidst her white fog of distress and self-induced fears. In her (oxymoronic) confrontational escape from harm her defense was "I think I was just scared."🤨 That would be an odd assessment to make judging from the video where she is clearly being the aggressor.

Cooper also asserts that her actions towards Christian Cooper were "unacceptable", "not excusable" and "not defensible" which seems more receptive to our society when she says it as a white female, as oppose to discursive, whiny, and exploitive when Black people in general — as in the victims of racism — assert such socially deviant or sociopathic behavior afflicted unto them.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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