As we enter Day 1 of this so-called government shutdown, perceivably, not one member of Congress stood up to the president on behalf of the American people and invoked him to not allow this extortion of sociopolitical capital between congress members to take place.

But it has occurred, as it has previously before, and will happen again in the foreseeable future, at the detriment of those who will be directly and indirectly affected by democratic negligence.

Draining of the swamp?!? Whatever.

This is not how go this government should work, yet those who are running it want us to believe that this is exactly how it works. Even though it is incredibly negligent, unfair and biased, we are being made to believe that it is democratically prudent, fair and unbiased, because we the people elected them. We the people are also kept so uninformed that we hardly realize that we have been manipulated time and time again.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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