At this rate they may never get it together. The entire party is already a bust while the republicans continue along in this exercise of self-implosion. The wasted votes that go to third party candidates or the votes that are just not used are an indication of a much larger failure in U.S. politics and its institutions — starting with the education system.

The introduction of a third party to a bicameral system doesn’t make sense. So we end up having to live through regret and discontent from having to either choose the lesser of two evils or trying to pick a winner. None of which has anything to do with electing the best representative of our democracy.

In this debacle we are left regressing, not progressing. This moment of devolution under the Trump administration is so palpable that we have all been stricken— on both sides —with cultural, racial, and economic anxiety disorder.

What has been introduced to but underappreciated by the Democratic Party, and is also missing from the Republican Party are progressives who seek to transcend political dogmas and simply protect and perfect our constitution for everyone’s sake.

It should be abundantly clear that anything less is unacceptable and highly intolerable of a government by the people and for the people.

I thank you for sharing your thoughts on this Dusty.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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