Based on what you have shared with this piece in terms of your experience and enlightenment, the empathy you have shown to mitigate racialized and motivated ignorance with its insensitive beliefs is notable.

Motivated ignorance is based on not wanting to know nor acknowledge all that is wrong with the motivations of exclusiveness and oppression behind identitarian whiteness. It is followed by beliefs that are too insensitive to change despite empirical evidence and undeniable truths that has resulted in terrible dehumanizing outcomes.

These stages of whiteness or its manufacturing thereof, with all its contradictions, narcissism (the vanity and insanity of it all), and callousness misdefines the true markings and makings of American culture and values which by the way are embedded in all of its strifes towards ensuring equality for all, for those who believe in its more admirable potentials of being a transformative immigrant nation, where the idea of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is not only inalienable but inclusive in the spirit of our own humanity.

This superficial idea that is touted and so attractive to so many including the forebears is not only conditional but remarkably deceptive by a deep seated ideology motivated by socially constructed whiteness that is wholly and wilfully blind to or dismissive of the vast contributions of so-called others who are in fact Americans.

If our existentialism relies on asserting an identity that has been constructed it would be easier to drop the pseudo profoundness of racialized monikers and simply adapt a more unifying tone and tenor of our intercultural interconnectedness as mere human beings living together as a nation.

That said, I wonder if you have had conversations with fellow white identitarians about the contradictions, the absurdities, the dangers, and the hypocrisy that follow the stages you define?

Is there a sense of disloyalty that could be self-endangering when discussing them amongst whites, or do you get a sense of indifference to racializations?

What will it take to simply be human first since we will all expire as such?

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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