Beyond Reasonable Doubt and Trump Still Won’t Be Prosecuted

Millions of us actually saw this in real time and are key witnesses and yet still it seems it is of no consequence

2 min readJun 19, 2022


A pervasive stream of conscious that is quite cynical enough to be addled, is replete with ill-will and is a foreboding reminder of the state of our union. It represents both a persistent threat and a test of faith in a system so riddled from its own inception. This critical mass motivated by antipathy with insensitive beliefs that are informed by racializations has and will continue to erode the fragility of our democracy, propriety and humanity.

To ignore, then forget about what happened at the Capitol on January 6 while we continue to hear the big lie told over and over again is dissonance brought on by situational forces that give rise to deindividuation. We are, in a real sense, made to accept the unacceptable as they defend the indefensible. I wonder if such an exercise is meant to cause madness. Taken further this can be both viewed and seen as ‘how normal people go mad’.

Why and how normal people go mad” is a an article featuring the APA (American Psychological Association) President Philip G. Zimbardo, PhD and his discontinuity theory at the APA’s 2002 Annual Convention in Chicago. Inundated by reports of Trump and his sychopants in and around as well as out of government has me considering the maddening effects it poses for all of us.

“The seeds of madness,” said Zimbardo, “can be planted in anyone’s backyard.” But “mad” behavior may not necessarily be the product of “some ‘premorbid’ personality disorder,” he noted. Psychologists would do well to consider physical, situational and societal influences — and the timing of these influences — in their work with patients.

“Madness is the sufferer’s unintentional disruption of society’s norms, of reasonable and normal actions,” he said.

As sanity clings on precariously at such wuthering heights of irony and paradox, the disappointment and despair mounts. As we disjointly observe this Juneteenth Holiday which was borne out of similar Trumper denialism that distort and dissemble, one cannot ignore and forget about the same in those Slavers from our past. White supremacy — whether you are indifferent, support it through a silent vote or march for it — is qualitatively madness. How laws were written to accomodate and legtimate wrongs is beyond the pale of decency; it’s downright barbaric. The outcome of which would systemically uphold and protect whiteness and its inherent moral callousness with outcomes of varying degrees of dissonance and discontinuity in both non-white and white populations for generations, and seemingly generations to come.

The consequence of this Trumpian phenomena is madness and that too is beyond reasonable doubt.

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.




It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.