Big Fish, Little Fish In The Political Media Complex Pond

To negate the fact that the “Morning Joe” show/soap opera benefits tremendously in economic terms from their journalistic transactions with the Antagonist-in-Chief/special host commentator Donald Trump, is either delusional or just ignorance on our part.

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The Leveson Love Triangle

This pretense of a threat to the “freedoms” of the press and war being waged against the press is actually being parodied by those who threaten it and those who abuse it in the ever growing landscape of the political-media complex. It’s a well played out dichotomy in socioeconomics. Their deliberate and or reflexive manipulations to propagate a favorable outlook and outcome in terms of influence and ratings, respectively, = dollars and sense.

The dichotic dissonance that we in turn have to parse through and discern certainly distracts us from the ongoing symbiosis at play between politics and the media, which does in fact thrive on our divisively—undivided attention. So, this in defense of freedom versus the fake media and bias argument bit is hogwash and only a rational portion of the constituency would be able to see it for what it truly is.

The industrialized media can be seen as a grouping of despotic franchises at times. The ability to sow skepticism and create false narratives is its best selling products, what we get are varying brands competing for marketshare — a market regulated by government (via defamation laws and restrictions on classified information) for the ultimate exchange of votes. Since this is a bicameral system that operates on the same wavelength just at different extremes, one can only view spectacles like these as forms of suppressing diversions.

Think headlines — its selective basis and determination.

There is absolutely no reason for me to regurgitate the irrelevant as an inducement, only to spit out an alignment in siding with either loser in the Morning Joe vs The President of the United States rhetorical reality show battle. The priority here should have been democracy and equality, but seemingly our attention is always being diverted from it and attuned more so to the misogynistic offense of Mika, or the bait and tackle retorts of Joe and Mika’s commentary.

Hook, catch, and return.

Hmm..By the way, why haven’t fish evolved in terms of adaptation to the bait and tackle after all this time?

Meanwhile, more bait and tackle for us smaller fish…

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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