Britain’s Vote to Be Great Again

Not surprisingly, a majority of Britons has voted to leave the European Union in a historic referendum Thursday. Also not surprising is the market reaction to the isolationist sentiment casted and felt with this decision.

A mockery of so-called independence.

By the way Germany along with a coalition of fellow European countries did not stage an invasion and take over of Britain. There was no coercion by them to place the UK into the EU. It is preposterous to claim some type of independence, this was merely a refusal of co-dependence in the bloc of nations. You will find that this will come at some cost to the EU in the coming years.

The market will and should react with utter disdain as the reshuffling of money will bring down markets. These outflows are indicative of a loss of confidence with doing business with Britain.

Soon after, Prime Minister David Cameron who campaigned for the UK to remain in the European Union has decided that it is best that he leave his post then.

The defining issue of immigration has come to exemplify and denote this crass sense among the more conservative and resentful portion of the population, citing a loss of control, a lack of independence and a lack of a British identity.

Really Britain!?

Britain’s eminence in the world has been predicated on inviting themselves into various regions around the world staking unlawful claims –colonizing and plundering –to prop their undue wealth and influence. Ironically it now sees the European Union as a modern day colonization effort that must be resisted for the sanctity and preservation of its sovereignty.


I thought that the European Union was a cooperative effort for economic sustainability in the face of a phenomena that is globalization. In spite of being at the center of both World Wars, the association of European countries is seen as a reprieve from that tribalism and a politico-economic advancement that benefits and rewards diversity.

Again what we are witnessing here is a preponderance of ignorance that is based on disinformation, that is arranged, and deliberate, and has been manipulatively imposed to spread distrust, reluctance, and other xenophobic attitudes, all in an effort to move backwards.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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