Built into Trump’s motivated ignorance is a strain of narcissism that makes him completely unstable, untrustworthy, and incompetent. For instance the NYTimes has verifiably reported

Mr. Trump has twice agreed to certify the Iran deal, and his national security advisers are urging him to do it again. But he reportedly is annoyed by the process, and is determined to deliver on his campaign promise by the next certification deadline, Oct. 15. That the International Atomic Energy Agency, which monitors Iran’s nuclear activities; the American intelligence community; and the Pentagon confirm that Iran is honoring its commitments seems to have no effect on Mr. Trump’s thinking.

…but somehow the benefit of the doubt granted gets in the way of the absurdities of the President’s rationale and judgement. A rationale that is lock and step with his vitriolic campaign to repudiate President Obama’s accomplishments and duty to the United States as popularly and electorally cast, not once but twice.

Decertifying the Iran Nuclear Agreement is indicative of Trump’s petulance — I don’t want to sign it because it has Obama’s name on it. His truculent attitude and behavior on display during his first address to the United Nations has the world wondering quite simply — How? and Why Though?

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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