Cause For Concern

For those of us who just don’t get it

Some call it nagging, while others relish in the sentimental thought. Some find it intrusive while others see it as an act of kindness. Be that what it may, what should register is that your well-being is nothing short of consequential, a part of the ethereal landscape and is quite systemic. It is a reaction to the inevitable or unforeseen change in condition of your environment, your circumstance, your loved ones, even your not so loved ones.

To have no concern for others, is not an act of virility, it is an act of abandonment, and an act of cowardice precisely from feelings of consideration for those who are suffering. In its most ignorant form it is devoid of intuit knowledge. The understanding of the world around you for which reconcilable views and judgements can be attained and verified.

It matters not the brevity and magnitude of that loss, for a loss is a loss. A concern is a concern. Loss of a life, a job, a home, a freedom, a confidence, a limb, loss of time, or of the capacity- all are a matter for concern for your fellow human. What will that reaction be? Will it result in further losses? or can it be contained by a show of concern from another; a fellow human who can easily fall prey to the same circumstances. This understanding reverberates to a deeper thought process towards resolute behavior, towards mitigating the exacerbating effect originating from the cause for concern. For the receiver concern can encourage fortitude. For the giver concern offers insight. The cause for concern comes in many forms oftentimes as contextual criticism, seen significantly enough to debate or discuss as a reflective concern.

The Cause For Concern is a sentiment that you need not suffer alone. You need not feel as if it is only happening to you, you need not feel as if the worst has only befallen you. The human species is only but a microcosm of the galaxy. So you need not be made to feel alone, isolated and excluded, and you need not in turn make others feel this way. Showing concern does not cost an arm or a leg, and should not be relegated to circumstances that directly affect you, for such instances can indirectly affect you as well as challenge you.

Concern lessens the blunt force trauma of the adversity we face as a consequence of the blessing of life, and is indicative of our interconnectedness. It is rather unfortunate that some people just don’t get it, are not familiar with it, are defensive about it, and not surprisingly unreceptive to it.

An excerpt of writings being aggregated by interculturalisticman

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