Conceptually Minaj has mastered the braggadocio element of rap but like the greats that came before, and to the subsequent ones who will certainly come after her (double entendre), there is always a humble that follows which is evidence of emotional growth and increased knowledge of self and interdependence. Because of the lack of depth in her artistry, rapwise she seems limited.

She essentially stereotypes her femininity with a stark ignorance. You wittingly noted this Tiffany, by calling out her lack of awareness. Minaj’s absurd remarks regarding sexwork is seems less naive and more so contrived. I doubt Nicki has something pertinent to say about the lives of Black women that have been taken or destroyed by violence both racially and domestically.

Because she is mostly concerned with her own personal profit and pleasure she seems more beholden to her brand that the music label has invested and established for her. A rather simple formula for a (mentally unhealthy) product they have always put on the shelves for consumer consumption.

You are also right about this excerpt too…

hip-hop’s fucked up expectation that only one woman rapper can sit on the throne. That would be a valid argument, as talented female emcees like Rapsody have not enjoyed mainstream success, despite being a Grammy-nominated artist and rapping better than the rainbow-haired, lean-drinking weirdos currently dominating the new school.

At the micro level there has always been lanes established and there are artists who dominate certain lanes. When the artist has pop crossover appeal that lane opens up to a California highway where the speed limit is much higher and you are more apt to crash and burn or simply run out of gas and fail to stay ahead of the ones coming in from the on ramps. It is hard to maintain such a high velocity with all the curves served up by critics and fans. She is looking all kinds of crazy trying to swerve and dodge through the traffic now.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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