Constitutional Crisis? 🤷🏾‍♂️Maybe But Cultural Crisis though?Absolutely🤦🏾‍♂️

Trapped in this cultural abyss ever since

What the f@$k though? Where the love go?
Five, four, three, two, I let one go__Lil Wayne’s Uproar

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They don’t love their country though, they just love themselves and their fallacious tribal and racial identities.

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We have been hearing and seeing that the U.S. has electorally wandered into a constitutional crisis ever since Donald Trump was nominated. What we have learned from a gross miscalculation of political gamesmanship which resulted in an electoral college faux pas of Donald Trump’s presidency is that the cultural crisis we have always been in has inordinately heightened under this administration.

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If it is un-actionable or not illegal to publicly , or to furtively collude for some obtuse conspiracy in an effort to vitiate balance of powers, and or usurp power and influence, then we certainly have a crisis that is much more extensive than the one restricted to the constitution. And if it is at the detriment of the minority populations whether denominated by race, creed, and religion in glaring disregard for democratic principles of justice and equality, then a cultural crisis has long been in the making. And lastly if a precedent will be granted as seen in the benefit of the doubt granted and proffered shameless demagoguery of Donald Trump not seem in the least unsettling to a nation that prides itself as a bastion of democratic freedom, principles, morals, and ethics representative of what we value and uphold as a society, then a cultural crisis this is indeed.

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The constitution was written by mere men, spare us the hyperbole of founding fathers which is groupthink or ingroup supremacy flexing. The document was revised and amended numerous times since then and it still warrants revisions now. Please refrain from conjecturally claiming with insensitive beliefs that this document, written by mere men some who were slaveholders, is the be all and end all of our society. Presently, we the people, are the be all and end all of our society, yet we don’t act like it. We hark back with futility at what a bunch of dead white men — dead for a very long time now — would or could have been thinking about the 2nd amendment or impeachment of a sitting president.

Meanwhile, this president continues to flout obstruction of congressional procedures for his own political survivability and to collude with republicans for power and influence over the country.

Evidently there is still this stench of disgruntlement in the air of an Obama presidency coming from this administration with McConnell (proverbially shitting on President Obama) not flushing afterwards and leaving the door wide open from the Senate. McConnell’s disdain for the first black president knows no bounds as he foments the cultural crisis of resentfulness and callousness towards the multicultural enrichment that essentially challenges the racial heirarchy of whiteness. The absurdity of McConnel’s claim that Obama emboldened Russia follows…

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No I guess strong leadership requires obstruction and collusion in cahoots and under the banner of political party, both not seen as illegal, with Russia as evidenced by the Mueller report. But deceptively both occurrences corruptively unencumbered suggest that this is culturally acceptable. This weak response by the Minority Leader does not adequately rebut the Majority Leader but here goes…

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Not so much whitewashing as McConnell is more so fomenting, and he is also exemplifying a cultural crisis of resentfulness, motivated ignorance, and insensitive beliefs. Ignorant to the fact that he himself facilitated years and years of obstruction to most of the former president’s time in office with unsubstantiated and uncorroborated beliefs about Obama’s tampering with our democracy. The upending of which falls squarely with McConnell’s party and president.

Senator Schumer’s use of political language as a retort or combat against the opposing party is just that, it does little but to aid and abet a vicious cycling of cultural crises.

A good definition of cultural crisis is…

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…but there is much more to this. The severity of this sort of crisis can go unnoticed and unattended to for a long time or ususally until some dramatic event take place that results unfortunately in sustained casualties. To realize such remarkable ignorance think of it the way we process and acclimate to odors. No matter how pleasing or disgusting odor may be over time we adapt to it and turn our focus elswhere. Our physiological makeup is somewhat sophisticated in this way whereby after a few minutes our olfactory receptors focus the nose on something new.

We do this every time there is a mass shooting at a school or when the president obstructs justice. Never once addressing the stench that still lingers in the air from repeat offenses.

The topic of cultural crisis is also a stench that we seem to just get use to and move on and there is little in the way of study I have found on the subject. I did find this journal from the Kenyon Review at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio to be insightful about cultural crisis.

The vast amount of unnecessary poverty, illness, and injustice in our technologically advanced society is a sign of crisis, since it involves a wide disparity between potentialities and achievements, and indicates that some fetter is holding our productive potentials in check.¹

Mind you Melvin Rader published this in 1947, but the association to today can easily be made. The productive potential to decrease gun violence is fettered or hampered by politicization and inequality. The same productive potential to keep a rogue and inept president from wreaking consequential harm and damage to our culture is hampered by politicization and inequality.

Rader points out something that has been written about extensively and feverishly ever since Trump took office.

A crisis occurs when a society develops so unevenly as to produce a grave cultural disequilibrium, in which the more static phases act as fetters to prevent the realization of proper potentialities inherent in civilization. The existence of these fetters constitutes not merely an evil and a danger but an opportunity — to remove the hindrances and thus to release the potentialities of the society.


What is being achieved falls far short of what might be achieved. There is some fetter that is holding the potentialities in check, with the result that there is a nonuse or misuse of resources¹

The political achievement of Donald Trump and the republican party fall way short of achieving equality, and justice for all and the democrats seem oblivious to remedying this as a campaign strategy and solution to a cultural crisis that shows no sign of abating.


¹ Rader, M. (1947). Toward a Definition of Cultural Crisis. The Kenyon Review, 9(2), 262-278. Retrieved from

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