Credit When Credit Has Long Been Overdue

I’m reaching out to the credit department to file a dispute

The White House held a small rally with a few hundred black supporters to boost President Trump’s campaign prospects for his 2020 reelection plans.

As the president touted historically low unemployment among African Americans under his watch, he also acknowledged their perceivable role in building the nation. This is a first. Or maybe its something else but it is a striking departure from his more publicized rhetoric and transgressions of assailing or discounting African Americans in general.

By the way this story won’t see much traction.

As you read this an impeachment inquiry is ramping up in the House as a subpoena was served to the White House addressed to the acting White House chief of staff on Friday with an October 18 deadline for all requested communication and documents surrounding the President’s attempts to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rival.

It should also be noted that the chair of the Federal Election Commission, Ms. Ellen Weintraub, has not once, but twice reminded the public and political candidates, which would include the sitting president, that to seek and or receive anything of value for personal gain from foreign governments, which also amounts to interference with U.S. elections, is illegal.

So now that we know this, and certainly government officials should know this, but do the few hundred Black people rallying behind the president at the this White House gathering know this? Nope too busy worrying about their credit.

They are just too happy to be around the president receiving credit for their civic role in building the country as the president quipped at the gathering.

“You know, you’re just starting to get real credit for that, OK,” Trump said. “I don’t know if you know that, you’re just starting to get — you built the nation. We all built it, but you were such a massive part of it. Bigger than you were given credit for. Does that make sense?”

Actually that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but we should at least try to figure it out. Why were African Americans not given enough credit, or receiving big enough credit for being such a ‘massive part’ of building the nation in the first place?

We all built it

Understandably and discernibly though, those who hold the power and influence to be enacted or wielded through government are the ones who hand out or determine eligibility for such credit. Let’s just call this the Credit Department of the United States — an apparatus of the deep state, if you will.

The social construction of race here can be seen as intricate in its design and analysis which is dependent on many factors that include cultural assimilation, political affiliation, and bootstrapping criteria to name just a few. It determines what we stand to inherit in social capital and social credit from ancestral slavery.

One important score is the the grace shown when Blacks are affected as well as effected by racialized violence. Most recently, the grace shown to Amber Guyger, a police officer who shot and killed her neighbor in his own dwelling and was convicted, received a hug not just from the victim’s brother but from the judge as well which is unusual by many accounts.


Police officers have killed over a thousand people a year in recent years: Of those killed by police since 2005, less than 100 officers have been arrested, only 35 officers have been convicted — and, as of March, only three of them of murder. Less than 1 percent of all officers are convicted when their victim is Black — even though Black people are three times more likely than white people to be killed by police.

This after several of Ms. Guyger’s text messages were introduced into the court proceedings revealing what can only be described as a psychosis normalized by certain whites in their musings of racial hatred.

“This is not about hate,” she testified in court Friday. “It’s about being scared.”

Riiiiight. They believed you apparently.

This show of compassion and empathy on the part of African Americans or Blacks who have lost loved ones to reckless violence driven in major part by racializations should result in a boost to their credit score by the Department of Credit. Even the Dallas Police Department provided their good reference to that credit bestowed when they issued this statment thereafter.

“Botham Jean’s brother’s request to hug Amber Guyger … [represents] a spirit of forgiveness, faith, and trust,”

Senator Ted Cruz offerred to boost that credit as well in the form of granting religious collateral.

“Amidst heartbreaking tragedy, a beautiful, powerful example of Christian love & forgiveness,”

Wonderful. 🤨 The rest of us with apparently bad credit no credit (or even no credit to your race granted) will continue to suffer because we are bereft of this sort of credit history, timely tithes to Christian faith, the social collateral, low resistance to Trump ratio, and social capital/income to attain the massive credit the president says we are beginning to deserve.

As a people under this social construct credit is inherently deserved on our persistence in holding America true to its constitutional convictions. That credit is essential to our survival and to the survivorship of this union. It has been more than instrumental in the nation’s founding and in its laws that have had to be amended many times over. It is a naturalized credit that has allowed this nation to set a moral compass, and it has proven to have virtuous and capitalistic returns. To deny or misappropriate that credit is in and of itself unAmerican and an observance in callousness.

Now does that make sense!?

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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