Dangerous Pride In Politics And In Religion

Our divided attention on two prevailing societal ills; racism and terrorism has led to an underwhelming spate of cognitive deficiency. The emotional distress emitted is heightened by a resounding dissonance of faulty views, inadequate reasoning and its processing to solve what ails us.

What remains pronounced in this cacaphony of pride in both politics and in religion is fear. These two entities are much more interwined than one would suspect. The spiritual blindness of your own sin towards humanity continues to distort the plain truth which has evolved our politics into sanctioning the sanity of such disillusions.

The mental and physical oppression that follows is alarming to the senses. For those who don’t know what to feel they find solace under their own isolation and for those without this luxury will find themselves held captive by a growing reluctance. Both are now wanting to be lead by hysterics in leadership.

The idea that a blustering, incoherent rhetoric, hell-bent on positing swagger with the American privilege–-to marginalize the refugees seeking to flee oppression, or to slain innocent civilians taken hostage in their own land as a casualty of war–-should and would resolve the problem of terrorism is undeniably asinine. None of the republican candidates can be trusted to act in accordance with the constitutional idealism of leadership for the United States. In fact much of the retort is to further provocation.

Stooping to the levels of ISIL in barbaric fashion with a growing need to put boots on the ground is akin to playing a dangerously prideful game with more lives at stake. This would not have prevented the terror attacks in Kenya, nor the attacks in Paris. How is it not conceivable that the risk of having more foot soldiers can come without the likely event that a few are captured and beheaded, recorded and disseminated as a tool to further their propaganda and engage in their kind of warfare. Why should it be assumed that all American that serve are Christian soldiers?

As a person of color, and an American, I can attest to contextual experiences of duress under powerful American institutions that has marginalized and discriminated amongst varying sects of its own population. The unpleasant realities imposed upon undemocratically through the misappropriation of Christianity and the absurd and unfounded racial superiority complex. I can relate to President Obama’s resolve and approach towards quashing ISIS and its discriminating, yet mirroring ideology on foreign soil. In other words it would be hard to reconcile blunt force action so indiscriminately strictly for the cause of the democratic majority — simply because they are not Christians or because they are not acceptable neither considerable under the racial social construct.

Those who understand the plain truth that this country was built under the compassion and acceptance for all faiths can appreciate the steadfast statements by the President today on the matter.

Mr. Obama said it was shameful for Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, to have suggested that the United States only let in Christian refugees, not Muslim ones. “That’s not American. That’s not who we are,” Mr. Obama said during a news conference at the Group of 20 summit meeting in Turkey. “We don’t have religious tests to our compassion.”

True Americans?

There continues to be this misconception of who identifies as Americans and the difficulties of conveyance to the world without being hypocritical. There remains a crisis in identity of how this melting pot came to be, and how America in whole with the sum of its parts, could not have been.

I can appreciate being prudent and as careful as can be with the emapethic strategies towards eliminating the Daesh without inveigling the minds of fearful Americans who think isolation is plausible. Americans who think the American military and its might is akin to fantasy action figures like G.I. Joes who come back mentally and physically intact from a victorious war.

This caustic attitude and sentiment is rudimentary in thought, devoid of rationale. Dangerous American pride indeed.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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