Dear White People Please Do Yourselves A Very Big Favor

Break out of the existential shell you crawled into

I would like to preface this piece by stating something so obvious that it has become virtually hidden in plain sight. Individually, as well as collectively in our little sub-groupings, we are human first, and in the end we will expire as human last. And if that doesn’t resonate in some of us humans afflicted with belief insensitivity and infected by motivated ignorance, then the inevitable and unbridled confrontation with this reality will make life quite miserable.

No decent sensible person could ever consider the validity of whiteness nor the ideology of white supremacy and thus indoctrinate it into one’s very own self-concept. Nor should non whites for that matter consider this postulation of racial hierarchy — no matter how close the individual approximates its perverse racialized rank order towards whiteness.

For all intents and purposes whiteness is a scam and its raciality was scandalously invented to create social and economic disadvantages; it is no different than caste systems that systemically propagandize social stratifications as being predicated on evolutionary forces when in fact the irrepressible presence of random selection trumps so-called natural selection.

So this absurd tradition of American acculturation that is enforced by this government or impressed upon by this majoritarian democracy should not only be reconsidered as preposterous, but dismissed entirely on the lack of merit in all its applications inherently. Certain aspects of which are inarguably paradoxical to say the least.

Futile attempts at proving this Darwinian dominance over other humans has now relied on ahistorical attitudes and beliefs that are just laughable and unbecoming. If anything, the evidence submitted suggests obsessive compensating for ill-gotten gains, privilege and entitlement which by definition are undeserved.

McConnell was responding to an NBC News report that found two of the Kentucky Republican’s great-great-grandfathers owned at least 14 slaves, according to 19th-century census records.

“You know, I find myself in the same position as President Obama,” McConnell told reporters who asked him about his family history. “We both oppose reparations, and we both are the descendants of slave owners.”

McConnell said last month he opposes reparations for descendants of slaves, a position he defended in part by saying the country has dealt with its “original sin of slavery” because it elected an African American president: Obama.

“I don’t think reparations for something that happened 150 years ago — for [which] none of us currently living are responsible — is a good idea,” McConnell added.

And yet the language of innocence remains important, helping to provide cover for the existing hierarchy. For example, the civil rights movement is taken as evidence that the United States found its moral compass. But this version of events selectively ignores evidence that a large percentage of the population fought tooth and nail against civil rights, mirroring today’s resistance to the Black Lives Matter movement. Indeed, the “success” of the civil rights movement also reflected the geopolitical interests of the United States at the time rather than a sudden realization and correction of racial wrongs (Bell, 1980). From this perspective, the narrative sur- rounding the advance of civil rights, and the canonizawhitetion of Martin Luther King, Jr., represent the ongoing project of creating a sense of system-level innocence. — Herd Invisibility: The Psychology of Racial Privilege

Inevitably, white people as a subgroup collective (along with their apologists and opportunists) are once again having to reckon with their whiteness and its proclivity towards bigotry and racism. The deadly harm it presents in both the physical and psychological sense, and offense, has reached climactic proportions once again, of which by broad consensus and sentiment has not been contemplated and deliberated since slavery, followed by the impact of the Civil Rights era movement in resistance to Jim Crow, and now Trump.

Under Trump there is this risible display of sophistry that relies on innocence and maintenance of the racial hierarchy with nationalism as its preferred backdrop. This is the overused route taken by Fox News protagonist Tucker Carlson who takes great pride in bigotry to disparage Congresswoman Illhan Omar on a platform that is sponsored and paid for by diverse American humans.

“Ilhan Omar is living proof that the way we practice immigration has become dangerous to this country,” he said. “A system designed to strengthen America is instead undermining it … She’s a living fire alarm, a warning to the rest of us that we ought to change our immigration system immediately, or else.” — The Atlantic

Us? 🧐

Or else what?🤨

Bigotry is a form of stupidity. The harm that it causes inadvertently, clandestinely, remotely, acutely, embracingly, and pridefully, is corrupting to the soul, and injurious to mental and physical health. The benefits of whiteness proffers the appearance of social dominance and its deleterious orientation, and perhaps its observed but inaccurate conclusions from its founding and its scam- or scandal-ridden socioeconomic status. The syllogism that encourages and cheers on performative whiteness, as it regulates the behaviors of its members and non members, is pseudo profound in that it overcompensates for merely being just human. Perfection simply does not exist in the world. So there is no reason to believe in or give credit to the vanity and insanity of whiteness.

This existentialism has blinded us not only from who we truly are, but who we ideally and amicably could be.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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